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#WeWantUberGrab: 10 Reasons Why We Need Grab And Uber In Our Lives

Have you ever wondered how it would be like if there weren't any Grab or Uber rides around? What if you badly need to get home or go somewhere for an important meeting or appointment? Well many loyal and non-car passengers will give you these ten reasons why Grab and Uber shouldn't be banned or removed from the Earth—or in the Philippines at least.

Units/Cars Are Well-Maintained Than Those of Taxis or Cabs

Most of the units are either new or well-maintained because the owners are neat with their cars and they make sure that before they entertain a new passenger, the car is clear from any garbage or trash. Plus, their car's air-conditioning system performs (and smells) so much better compared to taxis.

Drivers Are Less Likely To Turn Down Possible Passengers

Drivers of either Grab or Uber do not reject passengers even when the destination is far or when traffic's really terrible. They just cannot refuse!


Rates Are Mostly Competitive

Having experienced a lot of Uber and Grab rides, it is a given that their rates are closely playing around the same numbers. That is why having both apps in your mobile phone gives you the liberty to choose whether you'll be saving more in Uber or in Grab—just saying!

Drivers Have Less Complaints Once the Rider's Destination is Identified

Unlike taxi drivers, Uber and Grab drivers do not complain nor negotiate with high rates whenever the customer's destination is far or is surely gonna go through intense traffic. Since most of the time, their rates are already fixed and taking into consideration that MANY taxi drivers are rude and tend to power trip since you are riding in their car!



Feedback Reports Are Provided For Passengers

Having feedback in the mobile applications is very essential. Maybe for some it is useless because they only really care about getting to their destination, but for the driver's and the company, it comes in handy or useful because with that, the driver's behavior is taken note of and the company will also get to be informed if their services are well addressed and handled correctly. Lately, also the passengers are being rated; and that is a great idea so that the passengers (those who are concerned) can also assess their behavior while in transit.

Credit Card Payments are Accepted

Credit card holders surely rejoice! The applications accept payment through credit card, which makes it easier for some passengers, especially the on-the-go businessmen. For a hassle-free transaction, good thing these transportation companies thought of this!

The Time of Arrival Are Mostly Punctual or On Time

Since the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is part of the application, passengers can easily determine where their ride is and what time it will be arriving. This is rather helpful especially for those who are in a hurry. Rides can be canceled when the map shows that the driver is still far.

There is Express Delivery

You can have your loved ones, or anybody else, in particular, picked up from anywhere and brought to you. Plus, also objects can be transported safely!



Security Is Provided

Hearing so many freaky stories or experiences from taxi passengers, Uber and Grab assures us that we are in good hands! We are given the chance to screenshot our trip along with the driver's details. With this, it would be easy for us passengers to report any accident, loss or misbehaviour.


Convenience Is the key!

For non-car passengers or (lazy) car owners, Grab and Uber is one of the best things in life right now because with just a few clicks you'll be able to book a ride that is convenient, meaning that parking won't be an issue! and there is comfort in getting to your destination since you could be relaxed during the trip.

Maybe we aren't always paying close attention to things that really matter, but we must really be grateful for these companies because they make a large number of the public have an easier mode of transportation!


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