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13 Things About Love Late-Twenties Women Would Say To Early-Twenties

There are tons of things about love that we thought to ourselves when we were younger but then discover, as we grow wiser, to be rather different.

This is not to say that love is no fairy tale. It is. Every time we fall in love, it’s like a fairytale. But reality dawns on us as we get older and realize that love, as beautiful as it gets, isn’t all fairy tale.

1. Love doesn’t come easy.

Ladies, it is rare to find true love, or real people, nowadays. It’s easy to be infatuated and go head-over-heels with someone, but to find love – the true kind – is rare and hard.

2. Things won’t always go as you planned.

We have it all painted in our head. How we want to be pursued, how we want our partners to be like… We have our stories written in our minds. But the universe has a different way of giving it to us. Maybe a few get lucky, but it’s not all the time the case.

3.  Relationships require hard work.

This, perhaps, is the truest of all. If you’re not ready to work hard for love, then don’t rush into it. Believe me, it’s more work than your toughest career.

4. You gotta be ready to get your heart broken.

I don’t mean to scare you or be negative. But love, like all things, entails taking risks. Understand that with start, we’re never sure of the ending. But you will never know unless we have the courage to begin.

5. Humor helps.

Along the relationship, we get so stuck and absorbed by the things that we want and the things we’re not getting. There will be fights and a lot of times when we will be frustrated. A little humor wouldn’t hurt. Being serious all the time wouldn’t solve the problems. But cutting both of you some slack and loosening up a little might just do the trick.

6. Try not to take too much advice from people who are not in a relationship.

It makes it lighter to share the burden once in a while. Our partners won’t always be the best listeners and they won’t always understand us. Friends would always want the best for you but not everything they’ll tell you would be helpful. Try to talk to friends who are in the same boat as you and have the same goals as yours. People would always have a different take on things so be careful of the things you will take in. Remember, it’s your relationship and not theirs.

7. Love selflessly.

People would always say, leave something for yourself. But love is always a hundred percent. It’s never partial and safe. Triumph comes to people who are willing to bet all their cards.

8. Don’t lose sight of the other things that make you happy, but make your relationship a priority.

If you want your relationship to work, put it on your priority list.

9. Be with someone who will fight for you.

Never fight for someone who is not in the same battle as you are. It’s not worth it and it always takes two to pull it off.

10. Be open and humble.

You’re not always right, even if you think you are. Acknowledge the sentiments of your partner and be humble enough to apologize when you make mistakes. That is maturity.

11. Let go of your ideals.

Once you enter a relationship, it’s not just about you anymore. A real partnership means you become one with your partner. The more you cling to your own ideals of how things should be, the less you grow as a couple. It’s not about just your happiness but the both of you.

12. Compromise is key.

Again, it’s not just about you anymore. It’s a hard practice but you’ll get there. Dance with each other’s beat and find a middle ground wherein BOTH of you will be happy.

13. Be kind to each other.

“Love is patient. Love is kind.”  So, be kind to each other.

When we are younger, we think that love is like the ones we read in books or watch in the movies. But once we’re faced with what it really is, we realize that it is completely different.  A lot harder I must say.

But if ever you found a love that’s true, hold on to it. Fight for it. For love, is the greatest gift that you could give and receive in this life.


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