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Fans Of "Game Of Thrones" Turn Their Homes Into Amazing GOT-Themed Interiors

Clearly, so many people are raving about the newest season of the ultra popular series “Game Of Thrones”. This show has captured that hearts of millions of viewers. They recently premiered their brand new episode and got everyone talking about it. A lot of people have been huge fans of the show since it premiered on HBO, and have been in the loop of what’s going to happen next.

It broke the internet once again as the fans expressed their different sides of theories and feelings on social media. It’s fun to read the various thoughts of the viewers and the producers are thrilled of the warm reactions that the show has received from its loyal followers.

But the popularity of the “Game Of Thrones” enterprise go beyond the screen. It has been a remarkable part of the current generation as it created a huge influence in the pop culture of our time.

From the wardrobe, to the different styles of the characters, even the beautiful hairstyles of the women, this TV drama has created much frenzy from all across the world. And while there are still some who raise their concern on several issues brought about by the show, the success of this series has been undeniable.

“GOT” (short of Game Of Thrones, as how the fans would call it) creates an exquisite setting for the characters. It sort of takes you back to another time, or era, which could be a refreshing mini escape for the viewers. Each time you indulge in watching, the show creates a completely different atmosphere which just sort of transports you to another destination.

This is perhaps what the interior designers wanted to feel when they were creating these beautiful designs. These brilliant architects and designers were able to come up with unique GOT-inspired ideas for homes, and they look stunning.

The curator of these magnificent homes obviously did shy away from the usual modern design and went for a more contemporary yet minimalist pieces.

This may come as surprise or shock to some, after initially hearing that a home was built with a GOT theme, but after seeing the designs that were put together, you are most likely to agree that these interiors simply look beautiful.

We noticed that the walls that were used was a rock facade unlike the ordinary plain cement. This gives us a bit of a country feel with the wooden pieces of furniture. The windows also provide a generous view of nature. Looking at the photo makes us feel as if we’re already breathing fresh air in a place that’s away from the crowded city.

Similar to the living room, the dining room also has the same walls, and the embellishment that we used are also minimalistic. The high ceiling and rustic windows also allow for natural daylight to come through.

The bedroom provides such a romantic feel with drapings, lights, and the soft colors that were used. It definitely looks super cozy. We love the classic yet dreamy concept that was use to create the space.

Bathrooms are a dealbreaker when it comes to homes. The interiors of these comfort rooms are very charming. The way the tub’s been maintained the old-fashion way but is combined with the essentials of the modern age was very impressive.


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