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I Want a Simple Life

I was always told I’m ambitious.  Yes, I am.  I always saw myself as someone big.

And so before, I cannot relate so much to people who say that they want just a simple life.  At the back of my mind, I imagine how boring simple life can be.  Simple house, simple car, simple family… I felt it was very mediocre.  I mean how can we give justice to the life given to us if we just want to have a plain simple life?

Since I was so judgmental then, I found it as just an excuse for people for don’t have the courage about playing big in this one lifetime given to us.  I’m thinking, what if their future children don’t want a simple life? Don’t they want to get the best out of life?

But recently, someone gave me a new view about what simple life is.

I have a bank manager friend.  From how I know her, she is far from being simple.  She’s beautiful, tall, very appealing, and she’s one of those women who you know means business.  Very powerful, indeed.  She is self-made.  Aside from being a bank manager, she has this events business, planning weddings, debut and other parties during the weekend.

One time, we were having coffee as she and her husband are inviting me to become a trainer in the insurance company they are with.  She shocked me by saying, “you know dear, I just want a simple life.”

I smiled and urged her to go on.  I learned how to listen now without judging.  And it was a good thing because what she said next made a lot of sense.

“Simple, not complicated, that’s what I want.  You know how complicated it is when you always have to think about things?  I mean, when I want to buy something and I still have to analyze if it fits my budget.  That I have to still consult my husband or figure out a way how I can I afford it?  Imagine if my daughter wants to study in a very good school and I need to craft all this explanation on why we cannot afford it?”

“I want a simple life where I can just do and buy whatever I want.”

I mean wow!  She’s so great; she was able to sell me the idea of the simple life.  I would never ever forget that concept in my lifetime.  I’m glad I listened to her and not closed my mind the moment I heard that word “simple”.

The next time someone tells me, he just wants a simple life, I’ll ask them to describe that simple life. Who knows what beautiful definition of simple life I can get.

Now I know, I just want a simple life, too.


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