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On The Way To Happy Ever After

To have a happy ever after is undoubtedly one of the biggest dreams of every girl. 

To have someone to hold till eternity seems like a distant, beautiful dream that we can’t wait to turn into reality.

How blessed have been those who found their soul mate… the lucky ones who have found “The One” to spend the rest of their lives with. How we wish we could have that perfect gift one day. 

As I watched countless wedding videos that touch your heart and soul, I can’t help but feel the love that the couples in the videos seem to have for their partners. It’s amazing how others have so much love for one another that even if you’re not in their love story, you feel it… You just feel the love.

I have noticed that there are two kinds of couples in this world. The ones that love each other with true and genuine kindness, and the ones who love each other, and at the same time, adore each other completely. I keep saying to myself, I want to be like the latter… to be with someone who I not only love, but also adore, and he the same as I.

In the midst of doubts and assurance, downfalls and triumphs of relationships, I can’t help but wonder, how would it feel to be in those shoes? Or rather, would I ever be in those shoes?

We need to have Faith. In His perfect time, we will all have our own happy ever after. And it would be perfect, just like in the photos, news, and videos we see. And then maybe, it would even be better… Perhaps not perfect, but real…

 To be in this phase of my life is something that I never was prepared for. I never thought how it would feel to be in this state. It’s like that feeling when you’re so close to something, but at the same time, not there yet. You want to fast-forward the time, but all the same, not rush into it. It's a walking contradiction that you want to validate, it’s like a tunnel but not dark, it’s like a question, but with all the answers, just not in your hands yet.

To be in your twenties, it’s been quite a handful of challenges. You never know yourself until you’re in this age. And the other important thing is, you’re still learning and growing!

Some of the things I have learned while in this age of “self-discovery” is that you need to learn the greatest thing life will teach you. It’s something that you will never read in books or learn in school. It’s something that you hear from people but only learn on your own. It’s the gift of gratitude.

This is a time in my life where I made so many wrong choices have so many things yet to be fixed, however, so much to be grateful for.

Along with your greatest hurdles and hardest battles, you realize, your swimming in the piles of mistakes and failures, you realize how blessed you are.

Your parents - love them for they loved you first. Treasure them, because you are their gems.  You are each other’s gift from above.

Our families, our friends, they are part of our happy ever after.

While we are on the road to our happy ever after, let’s savor it… Let’s savor this bittersweet journey.

What I really realized, what’s in store for us in our dreams of having a happy ever after, is that the very promise that awaits us is already within us. We just have to nourish it till it overflows.

While love is upon us, it is also already within us. 


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