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Psychologists Reveal 4 Wonderful Facts About People Who Easily Cry

Do you remember the last time you just cried your heart out? Could it be a month, a week, or a day ago? Perhaps you’re drying your eyes from a last good cry as you read this. It’s okay to feel vulnerable after you shed a few tears. Some of you may feel like you are weak because you cry, but here’s comes the truth -- you have nothing to apologize for.
As a matter of fact, crying is not only completely healthy, do you know that it’s also a sign of strength and resilience?
Here are four reasons why you should feel empowered, or at least okay  (and not feel sorry for yourself), after crying.

You Know How to Relieve Stress

According to a study from the American Psychological Association in 1983, most people actually feel more relieved after crying that about something that was due to stress from events such as interpersonal relationships, feeling anxious, or having sad thoughts.

It mentioned that crying is one of the best ways to channel and filter out the negative thoughts and events that cause people worry or grief. Boxing your emotions by holding back the tears can actually lead to long-term psychological damage.
Researchers have found out that when we cry, we are releasing negative tension that builds up from our daily routine, allowing us to feel comforted and recharged so that we can pick ourselves back up afterward. Emotional tears also contain hormones that are released from our body that could significantly improve  our mood after crying.
Bournemouth University professor Professor Roger Baker  quotes,  “crying is the transformation of distress into something tangible, and the process itself reduces the feeling of trauma”. And so, when people encourage you to “just let it out,” this is exactly the reason why.

It Shows You Don’t Care about What Others Think

What causes the feeling of vulnerability and feebleness when we cry are usually the people around us.From an early age, our society conditions our mind to believe that displaying negative emotions in front of others is something that should be avoid. But human nature actualy conveys that we are all intelligent and sensitive creatures, and it is unhealthy for us to  constantly keep up our “emotional guard”.
In 1964, a study unveils that people respond less negatively and more compassionately to people who are crying. The study looked closely at the self-reported emotional response of people when they are in the presence of a crying person.
Even though the study found that in general, people who cry in public make other people feel uncomfortable, it also shows that you place your feelings above the social expectations of those around you. That is a strength that not everyone possess, and most people mistake as weakness.

You Aren’t Afraid of Your Feelings

People, being humans, can cry for a variety of reasons. To name a few -- hormonal imbalances, anger, loss, loneliness, stress, and low blood sugar. Sometimes it’s something that seems trivial like a sad movie or a nostalgic song, and often times we don’t even know the root cause of why we’re crying.
The important part of this is that you are acknowledging your emotions and confronting them head on. Not addressing negative feelings can risk resulting for a person to go down a dark path, some of which are alcoholism, depression, anxiety disorder, drug abuse or any kind of unhealthy compulsive behavior can root from a refusal to face one’s emotions.
Feelings of guilt, fear of punishment or judgment, and self-doubt in all forms are some of the hindrances that cause people to draw back tears and disassociate. However, allowing yourself to let go of that self-doubt for the sake of your own mental health is a sign of courage and control.

Crying Makes You a Better Friend

We previously mentioned  “letting down your emotional guard.” This does more than deliver a message that you’re strong. More importantly, it sends out a message to people, especially  your friends and family, that you are honest and open when faced with adversity.
If you find yourself in a situation where you are with a good friend, and the both of you received some upsetting news, taking the first step in letting your guard down will allow the other to feel comfortable expressing their own feelings. Those who accept sadness when it stares them in the eye allow others to similarly do so.
Also, this does amazing things for your character and the strength of your relationships. Breaking down these unnecessary walls that so often separate a person from others could lead to healthier and meaningful friendships.
Moreso, crying also allows you to discover true friendships. Those who fail to accept you or bring you down when you already feel your most vulnerable only shows lack of empathy and concern for your true feelings.
Life is a daily struggle. A big battle that we, all human beings, deal with. Crying is one of the healthiest mechanisms we go through in order to cope with our emotions. It elevates our mood in the long term, relieves stress, builds character and fortifies relationships.  
Therefore, the next time you feel the waterworks approaching, embrace it instead of dreading it. Be true to yourself and the things that you. This is not a weakness, but a strength. Don’t put on a mask and repress the feeling. Let those tears help you to grow socially, mentally and spiritually.


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