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SSS Helped me Retire Before 30

I am retired at 28

Oh, not the rocking chair, in the house, bored to death type. By retired, I mean, I’m free to do whatever I want.  I own my time.  I do what I do just because I want to.

Wouldn’t that be fun if we can do it the earliest time possible? No orders to attend to, no schedule to follow, no budget to consider.  Anyway, we got lots of that when we were in school, right? 

Imagine how it feels like when you wake up in the morning, not at the order of the alarm clock, but because you are done sleeping.  Then, you realize that today you can do whatever you want, wherever, whenever and with whomever, you want to do it with.  Imagine living like this every day of your life? Isn’t it exciting? 

Of course, it won’t happen overnight, but it’s not hard, I tell you. I did it because of my SSS.  No, not the one you pay every month with part of your salary.  

I have my own SSS. Since I feel very generous today, I’ll share with you how I did it, so you can have it the soonest time possible. 

SSS means Sure Success Secret, and here they are:

SSS #1 Be valuable

Make sure that you’re more valuable than how much you are paid.  It may be with your job, sales, business, or whatever.  You may protest and tell me, “hey, that’s not fair!”  It's ok, I feel you.  Let me tell you how it worked in my life.
When I was working in TV, I was very passionate about my work that I arrive the earliest and leave the latest.  I do other’s work that was given to me without complaining.  I always had a long to-do list and accomplish a lot.  I solve problems even before I inform the bosses about it.  After some time, my talent fee was raised and I was given additional projects.
Then, I started with my business; a lot of people told me that my products are expensive.  I to look for solutions and I read in a book the concept of adding value.
I found a way to add value to my products.  I added some freebies, gave the best after service I could give, and basically just made ways to give more than what they expect.  I became confident that what I give is actually low-priced compared to the value I give.  After that, I never received any complaint about my products is expensive.  When my clients recommend me to their friends, I hear them telling them, its value for money.  Wow, I never even thought of that.
It may seem that you are giving a lot at first, but eventually, you will get more results than what you expected. Life is fair and it will find a way to make it up to you. 

SSS#2 Increase Compensation

Know that the compensation we receive is proportional to the number of people we serve.  In my case, because I was doing a lot, I was helping a lot and when I got more projects, trained a lot of people, served more customers, the number of lives I touched increased, so does my income.

This is why we sometimes ask, “Why do business owners and celebrities earn a lot more than the people who do harder and more work? “  The answer is because they impact a lot of lives. 

So whatever you do, find a way to serve more people.

SSS#3 Widen Influence

Influence is a result of abundantly placing other people’s interest first.  This is not self-sacrifice, it is not being the underdog.  It is being confident that your interest will always, always be taken care of.  By doing this, you will have a team of people who will be your walking advertisement.  These are people who have you on the top of their mind when an opportunity arises.

I was very happy and proud of my work in television, that’s why it was so natural for me to share it.  Whenever I have friends who I know want to work there, I recommend them.  I was never afraid that if I recommend them, I will lose opportunities that are supposed to be mine.  It is important to have an abundance mentality, because if you think there’s more, there will be more, and it happened to me.  Who do you think my friends and colleagues recommend when they need other people for their project? Of course, I’m always at the top of their mind.

In my business, it was the same thing.  Whenever people I made an impact to come to know anyone who needs my products and services, they recommend me.  Whenever they know someone who needs opportunity, they point them to me?  It came to a point that even if I don’t look for projects or clients, they call me and come to me because of my friends’ referrals.

The results should never be your main agenda, yes, have the intention, but ask yourself first how you can serve.

SSS#4 Be Real

You are enough.  You don’t need to be someone else to be effective.  Aim to be the best version of you and that will do the work.  The best commodity that you can offer that marketplace is you.

We always hear that a people skill are important, that we need to be a people person.  How can we do it? Of course, by being a person first.  People can sense another person, we may not be able to explain it but we can feel, we are connected, and the more genuine a person is, the more we are magnetized.  The moment we take off our mask, the more connected we can be, the more people can be drawn closer to you.

Before, I was a very secretive person.  I communicate a lot but I hide a lot and I was afraid that I will be judged.  I was right.  When I opened myself up, I was judged by a lot of people, but I discovered that I was being judged all along.  The thing is, whenever I open myself up and become real, I attract the right kind of people.  They are worth more than a hundred times of the people who are not worth your time.

SSS#5 Openly Receive

This last secret to success summarizes it all.  It connects everything.  How can we give when no one receives? How can there be up when there’s no down? How can there be in when nothing’s out?  It is not better to give than to receive.  It is like saying it is better to exhale than to inhale.  When you give a lot, open your hand because a lot is coming your way.

This was a big lesson for me because for so long, I reject receiving without knowing it.  I counter every compliment or praise given to me.  I doubt everything that is offered to me, I show everyone that I can do it alone.  I was asking for blessings but my hands are unconsciously closed.  And when I practiced opening up and receiving, it all came pouring in.

From now on, whenever someone gives you a compliment accept it and say thank you.  When you find cents in the road, get it, the universe is giving it to you and by accepting it, you give it a sign that you are ready to receive more.

This five sure secret to success changed my life literally and I guarantee you, that if you took this to heart and bit by bit build the habit of applying this in your life, you will be overwhelmed by the downpour of blessings.

Enjoy your SSS retirement. 


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