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When Appetizing High School Ends and it’s Time for the Next Course

The school year ends! Yahoo!

Beach… swimsuits… vacation… relax… gimmick!

I thought this was what goes on in the mind of my high school friends. (Wow, I have high school friends!) But last Wednesday, as we were having a meeting with our business partner in their house office, her 4th-year high school daughter came home from school with two of her friends. The mom asked her daughter, “How was the career orientation, were you able to choose a course?” The daughter just shook her head and went inside the house.

On my way home, that conversation didn’t leave my mind.  I was thinking about my own high school days when I had to fill out application forms for universities, I was actually not 100% decided then, but I somehow have a picture of what I want in my life.

If you’re in a point where you don’t know what course to choose, take some quiet time and contemplate. Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following questions (you can do it with some of your friends for more fun and support).  It’s even better to have a pen and paper with you so you can write it down for further analysis later on. These may seem the same, so consider the examples so you’ll be guided accordingly.
First, what are the things that I’m really good at?

It may be your talent, skill, or anything that just comes naturally to you. It can be really simple but you are confident with. Examples: cooking, acting, arts, math, science, English, writing, reading, money, etc. Do not limit yourself.  Just list everything.

If you think there’s nothing you’re good at, observe, you may just be comparing yourself with others. This doesn’t mean that you’re the best at it, just trust your own judgment, and of those people who support you of course.

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Second, what are my strengths?

Every one of us has strengths that we developed as we grow older.  This can be something innate or something you learned as you grow up. Examples: creativity, people skills, leadership, imagination, vision, compassion, etc. You have it, believe yourself.

Third, what are the things I am passionate about?

What do you want to do?  What are the things you feel like doing even if you will not be paid for it? Examples: writing, inventing, repairing things, arts, acting, dancing, drawing, etc. It can be the same with the first one and it can be different too.  There are things you are passionate about even if you are not yet good at it.

Fourth, what are the things I’m interested in? Examples: food, culture, movies, automobiles, gadgets, weather, people, beauty, technology, business, investing, books, politics, etc. 

Fifth, describe the perfect environment you see yourself expressing the first four. Examples: home, office, school, tv, hospital, in different places, stores, church, etc. You can be very specific here.  (In a place where people are supportive, caring, go-getters, good-looking, etc.)

After you exhaust all the answers within you and listed them down, take the time to read what you wrote. You may add, or erase depending on your preference.  Then, narrow it down to three best answers in every category.  Find a relationship in everything that you chose, connect the dots.  You may ask for guidance from someone you respect and trust like your parents, favorite teacher, Ate, Kuya, whoever you feel has experience and can help you decide.

From here, list your options and find a course and school that can match with you. When you already have your options and choices, list down all your possible resources, like your parents, relatives, friends, scholarships, or anything that can support you You may ask me, why I put the resources part in the end. It is because I believe that when you find out what it is that you really really want, nothing can stop you.  Resources usually become a limitation for some people, but it’s your choice if you will let it.  As the famous Henry Ford said, “Either you think you can or you can’t, you are right.”
So what are you waiting for?

Finish it and enjoy.

I tell you, college is fun! 


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