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L'Sirene Boutique Resort: A Paradise Within Paradise

In the pristine town of Baler Aurora,  famous for its friendly waves for surfing, where people go to when they want to have some time away from the hustle and bustle of the metro, you will find this beautiful resort... a paradise to experience.

The fine waves of the sea and heat of the summer paved the way to the newest must-visit destination in Baler. On March 2017, actress Sam Pinto opened the gates to a new paradise as she launched her resort L'Sirene Boutique Resort to the public.

The resort is located in Purok 6, Barangay Reserva, Barangay Reserva, Baler. The place offers a fulfilling experience and a full-packed adventure from a chill afternoon by the beach, cool lounging on the pool, or just cozying it up in the bedroom, to all the exciting activities such as riding the waves, fishing on the shore, to warm bonfires at night.

Nature-lovers will find comfort in every corner as every detail reflects intricacy as if you're one with the nature and the sea.

While you await to get stoked on your next surf ride, feast on the sumptuous food while having a refreshing drink of your choice while the beach is only a few steps away.


And that's not even the best part yet! All of this, you can experience for a very affordable price.

If you are planning on where to drive to on a weekend, or you just want a random sweet escape away from the city and thinking of going to Baler, the experience in this resort will surely be worth the road trip.

L'Sirene Boutique Resort is a haven for every girl who ever dreamt of being a mermaid... A paradise for everyone.

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  1. Can't miss the wonderful styling and interior at this place. As I walked upstairs, my eyes wandered about the brick wall interior and the overall décor. This is by far one of the best Chicago venues to organize event.