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AlDub Fans Reacts To Thai TV Host After Saying Alden Richards Is Single While On Air.

Thai Host Ning Saraika bashed by the AlDub fans?!

Upon living in this modern day, we are so blessed that our technology advanced to its fullest. People are now contented because the internet is also making its way to achieve its greatness. Many of us are now exploring the capabilities of the social media. Leading for us to use applications that can connect us easily to cyberspace like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By having accounts on the said apps, netizens can now access things, search for more celebrities and even followed famous personalities that are famous in our country today.

Recently, people always want to get the latest update from their idols. Usually, we are now given a privilege to became followers of some famous celebrities in our country. Basically, we are now allowed on cyberspace to see all of the posts, photos, interviews and even the daily activities of some personalities. Today, a TV Host from Thailand has been viral because fans of the AlDub fandom did something really shocking. Many are now talking about it and become one of the trending topics on social media.

A video has been viral online after being brought out and published on Instagram. The comment is now becoming popular because they saw that the Thailand Host Ning Saraika requesting all the fans to stop bashing her on the joke that she gives that Alden Richard is single.

Ning Saraika is a famous TV host, blogger, event presenter and a great person that is known in Thailand. While Alden Richards is a Filipino actor, host, model and recording artist. He is best known as part of the AlDub love team with Maine Mendoza. The love tandem regularly appears in Eat Bulaga and watched by many in their first Teleserye Destined to Be Yours. He is also involved in many television shows and movies. Netizens are admiring Alden Richards because of his great personality.

Recently, the Instagram post grabs the attention of people and it became viral because they all saw that Ning Saraika giving a joke which asked Alden Richards if he is still single in the event of #jknmegashowcase.

In the said post, netizens were commenting and giving speculations about it because they all saw that the Thailand Host was giving a question regarding the relationship status of the actor Alden Richards.

The story went viral and it has been talked about by the people out there. Many are giving their own thoughts about it and it's been talked all over the cyberspace. The AlDub fans are reacting furiously to this one. They want to have a clarification regarding on the said question and for the answer given by Alden Richards. But also the Thailand Host requested to the fans to please stop the continuous bashing of all the supporters of Alden because she didn't have a clue about it.

It became a huge topic online and many fans are reacting to it. Many are giving out their comments, sentiments, and speculations on this post. Many fans and supporters wanted to know if the said scenario can affect the strong loveteam of AlDub.

The story is now viral on the social media. People are still talking about it and many want to hear the truth from the actor Alden Richards.

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