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Jessy Mendiola Stunned At Faceoff With Angel Locsin At Anne And Erwan Wedding.

Jessy Mendiola stunned by Angel Locsin's presence at the wedding?!

Celebrities moved around in a small world, yes, this is because they are all in the same industry people couldn't help but see each other and be friends with each other. They spent many hours working together especially when showbiz personalities are working on a same project. They couldn't help but connect to each other and understand each and as fans and supporters we are always happy to see such things wherein famous people are together in one event. But we cannot really control the tension and speculations especially when two celebrities had a history together.

Yes, the social media is so massive and many people can notice small details about these celebrities and one moment everything seems fine and the next thing you know your favorites celebrity is one of the biggest topic on social media. Just like what recently happened with the actresses Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola. They have been talk of the town ever since netizens saw a video wherein the two have seen each other in the wedding of Anne Curtis. It has been viral ever since and many netizens are going on about their idols on social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a youtube channel named Showbiz Trending Update featured the actress Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country and a lot of people were seriously following and admiring her for her beauty and skills.

She did a lot of projects in the past and has received a lot of awards from the success she did in her career. With these in mind, many of us can say that the actress has been looked up to and being admired by different people and as well as their fellow celebrities in the showbiz industry.

Also, the actress and model Jessy Mendiola is quite famous all over the country. Known to be one of the most beautiful women in the country, Jessy Mendiola gained infamy and made a name for herself and has been able to build a huge following on social media.

But sometimes, we cannot control what people might say about the two, though they are totally different with each other but they share a history because Angel Locsin was the ex-girlfriend of the famous TV Host Luis Manzano who's currently the boyfriend of the actress Jessy Mendiola.

We all know that recently the superstar actress Anne Curtis got married to her husband Erwan Heussaff. Anne Curtis is really close to Luis Manzano and as well as Angel Locsin so both of them got invited to her wedding and Luis did bring her girlfriend Jessy with him to witness the wonderful wedding of Anne and Erwan.

Now, netizens couldn't help but notice the tension rising on social media as they were posting different IG stories and from the looks of it the two have finally saw each other in the wedding. People are now giving out their sentiments on the matter especially the fans of both actresses.

Each of them are now justifying who's more beautiful and as well as comparing the past experiences of their idols. The video immediately became viral and netizens are now talking about it all over cyber space.

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