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Julia Barretto And Maine Mendoza Being Friendly With Each Other At Under The Stars Bench Fashion Show.

Maine Mendoza and Julia Barretto did this on Bench Fashion Show?!

We all know that famous celebrities had a hard life. With their busy schedules and many projects, life for them is not easy. Also, include the many people who are always watching them, fans and bashers who are always there to give out opinions about them. They lead a life that must be pleasing to everyone's eyes. And as supporters of such famous celebrities, all we could do is to give our love and support to them. We cannot really control what might happen and one moment everything seems fine, your favorite celebrity seems fine and the next thing you know they are the biggest topic of social media.

Yes, the internet is so vast and many people can easily give out their opinions about the current happenings in social media. This is not easy for them but they are always there to smile and entertain us. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actresses, Maine Mendoza and Julia Barretto. They have been the talk of the town all over social media after netizens saw what happened in the Bench Fashion show. People are now talking about them and they kept on going on about it all over cyberspace.

A video that is featured on youtube channel named Showbiz Philippines became viral on social media. People always see celebrities ignoring each other and it is a little bit controversial to them. It seems that today it is just normal to snob people you are not comfortable with but many netizens are often intrigued by it and it always becoming huge all over social media.

Julia Barretto is one of the popular celebrities that works in ABS-CBN,  many people watch her on television shows and also she endorsers of some known products in the country. Also, Maine Mendoza is one of the famous stars today. She belongs to the love tandem called AlDub which is one of the biggest love team fandoms in the country.

Recently, the video gains the attention of people and became viral because, during the Fashion show of Bench entitled Under the stars, Julia seems to be jolly in meeting the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza. She approached her and asked her to have a picture. They took a picture together but you can see the tension and the scene become awkward between them.

A little while longer, the two are not talking to each other and was just doing some other things on the stage. People noticed that the two had an awkward time with each other and now comments and reactions are flooding all over the video.

It immediately caught the attention of many netizens and they are now giving out their positive and negative sentiments on the matter. People are defending their respective celebrities and they are now having an online debate of what happened on the stage.

Julia Barretto seems really friendly with her and likewise, to Maine, some people also speculated that they are not really close with each other and they both work on a different network and it is not that easy to be comfortable with each other.

The said video is now a topic in cyberspace, Many netizens are now thinking of it and many are waiting for updates for both celebrities. Many are curious and want to know the reason for their gestures at that scenario.

What do you think of about Julia Barretto and Maine Mendoza? Share us your thoughts in the comment below.

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