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Kisses Delavin Bagong Ka-Love Team Ipinakilala Sa Kanyang Concert.

Kisses Delavin's new love team?! They definitely made everyone go crazy!

People are always in the quest of love and we all know that when it comes to the matters of the heart each and every one of us could definitely relate and feel the passion of person to another. Yes, this is because us humans are meant to love and be loved and when we see people who are in love with each other we could always share the same happiness with them. This is the reason why love stories and love teams are always famous in the showbiz industry.

Many people can relate to the stories and as well as the bond that the love tandem was sharing with each other. As fans and supporters, we follow them right from the very beginning up until the love tandem blossom into a huge fandom. Right now, in the showbiz industry, one love team is making its way to the stage and people are now making a buzz about it. It is the actress Kisses Delavin and a new man that was introduced during one of her major events. Netizens were now going crazy about it and the video report that covered it is now going viral all over social media.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after a Youtube channel named Pinas Idols featured the actress Kisses Delavin. We all know that Kisses has been successful all throughout her career and she has been one of the leading actresses in the showbiz industry today.

She did well in a lot of successful projects and was able to build a huge following all over the country. She has been well known and many people look up to her and were following her on social media and as well as in real life.

Now recently, we all have heard that the previous love team of the actress was disbanded and many netizens were quite saddened about it. Fans and supporters couldn't accept this kind of thing but little did they know that a huge thing is up and coming and many netizens are apparently going crazy about it.

In the video, it shows that the actress was just being interviewed during her performance in the concert. She looked really exhausted and yet she was surprised after the Host called a certain person that is recently being involved with her.

We can remember that Tony Labrusca was being teased by his colleagues to go for Kisses especially when they are live on air. Netizens didn't expect that the teasing will turn into a newly formed love team and fans and supporters are now surprised by what they saw.

The video shows Tony Labrusca entered the stage and the crowd went crazy. He hugged and greeted Kisses and apparently, the host is also teasing Tony with Kisses. Later on, Tony pulls out a surprised bouquet for her and you can see the reaction of Kisses that she didn't know what to say and she is really happy about it.

People were really surprised and many of them are saying that the two look good together. A lot of netizens now we're waiting for more appearances and more projects together. 

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