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Netizens React To Jessy Mendiola's Mistake In One Of Her Instagram Posts.

Netizens noticed that something is wrong with the reply of Jessy Mendiola.

All of us are happy that we are living in the world wherein the technology is at its peak. Because of it, the use of internet has been finally possible in the country. People are amazed on the cyberspace and they want to learn more about it. But a certain problem is arising because it is bigger than the way we think it. Now developers help us by means of creating applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we can now access fully the social media. We now have the privilege to connect, follow and monitor all the famous personalities in the Philippines.

Today. we are happy that we can now follow all the celebrities in the Philippines. Most of the time, we intend to go on social media just to check all the daily happenings on some personalities. People are amazed that they can comment, share and even support all of their favorites especially when there are times that they are been bashed by many. An Instagram post of Jessy Mendiola has been made and gone viral. Netizens are talking about it and now becomes one of the trending topics in the cyberspace.

A new post has been created by Jessy Mendiola and it can be seen on Instagram. The picture now becomes popular because it seems that Jessy Mendiola is happy with their skydiving experience with Luis Manzano. But netizens noticed that Jessy Mendiola misspelled the word price.

Jessy Mendiola is one of the actresses known in the Philippines. She is popular especially with the youth today. Most of her fans admired her beautiful faces and many are stunned because of her beautiful body physique. Also, Jessy Mendiola did some commercials that can really make an individual support and loved it. Now she is the girlfriend of Luis Manzano, TV host and actor in ABS-CBN.

Recently, the video grabs the attention of people and it became viral because they all saw that Jessy Mendiola is so much proud of her skydiving experiences with her boyfriend. She took pictures of it and upload it to Instagram. But after replying to a netizen she probably misspelled the word "Price" and used "Prize" instead.

In the said video, netizens noticed it and many are a start to response to the said statement. some are good and also others are always starts to bash Jessy Mendiola on her mistake.

Now, netizens are giving their thoughts and comments on Jessy Mendiola. Some of the netizens giving harsh comment and states that Jessy should study first. But also some of the loyal fans of Jessy Mendiola come and rescued her from the bad situation.

People are talking about it and they are reacting to it. Many are giving their comments, sentiments, and speculation on the video. Many want to know more about the side of Jessy Mendiola regarding about the Instagram post.

The story is now viral on the social media. People are still the same. If you did one mistake, they will just notice it and they will bash you and they will not praise all the good things you have been made.

What do you think of about Jessy Mendiola's photo? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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