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Pregnant Isabel Daza's Dance In The Wedding Party Made Anne Curtis Worried!

Isabel Daza forgets that she is pregnant while dancing.

For now, we thank so thankfully that we are blessed with awesome technology. We are using the internet as a manifestation that our country is participating well in the said changes. People are exploring and discovering ways of how to handle the big cyberspace because as we all know it is wider than the way we think. So, therefore, developers are happy to offer their help by means of creating new software applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now we are using it to promote, connect and even reach personalities that we want to follow.

Now that we can follow all the celebrities that we want, we are capable of being the legit sources of new in the country. We can now share, update, comment and even give speculations on the daily activities of the famous personality in the Philippines. But sometimes because of it, we saw things that must not be shared with anyone. Today a video of Isabel Daza is uploaded and spreading over the social media. Netizens are talking about it and now becomes one of the trending topics in the cyberspace.

A new video has been uploaded and it is featured on a youtube channel named Pinas Idols. The footage now becomes popular because it seems that the actress Isabel Daza is having a good time dancing at the wedding party of Anne and Erwan Heussaff and she forgot that she is pregnant.

Isabelle Diaz Daza-Semblat is a Filipino actress, television host, and model. Isabel is also known because she is the daughter of Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz. Fondly called 'Belle', she was a member of GMA 7's roster of young talents and was introduced to the mass media entertainment audiences during a dance number on the noontime show Party Pilipinas on April 17, 2011. Recently she was with her friends to attend and celebrate the wedding of Anne and Erwan Heussaff.

Recently, the video grabs the attention of people and it became viral because they all saw that Isabel Daza was hyped and she dance without hesitation despite that she is pregnant.

In the said video, netizens were commenting and were all giving out their reactions towards the said party. They think that it's not good for her health condition to dance and to become a hyper especially while she is conceiving a child. 

The story went viral and it has been talked about by many people out there. Netizens are giving out their own thoughts about it and it's been viral all over cyberspace. It seems that because of the good music, good people, and good ambiance, guests cannot refuse to dance and have fun like Isabel Daza did.

People are talking about it and they are reacting to it. Many are giving out their comments, sentiments, and speculations on the video. Many want to know more about the latest updates for the health condition of Isabel Daza and her baby after she dances roughly on that wedding party.

The story is now viral on the social media. People are just all concern for Isabel Daza and they did not mean to harm her because of some reactions coming from them.

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