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Sylvia Sanchez Revealed That She Had A Child Before Having His Firstborn Arjay Atayde.

Sylvia Sanchez reveals that she had also another child before Arjo Atayde.

We are all happy that we live in the world where technology is highly recognized. Due to it, parents use the internet to got some tips also to know the trends to have a good parenting. As we all know, our father and mother want the best for us that's why they always make themselves updated to the needs of their children. Now they can access things on social media and it can help them to improve their own techniques on how they can handle their family properly.

It also seems that family is one of the best thing that we could have on earth. No treasure can beat the value and price of having a good family. All of us are aware that we must protect, love and guide our children no matter what. Now a video of Sylvia Sanchez is uploaded and gone viral on the social media. Netizens are talking about it and now becomes one of the trending topics in the cyberspace.

A new video has been uploaded and it is featured on a youtube channel named Mr. Tsismoso. The footage now becomes popular because it seems that Sylvia Sanchez reveals that she had also another child and Arjo Atayde is not his eldest on the show Magandang Buhay.

Sylvia Sanchez is one of the most known actresses of all times. Mostly many are aware that she is always got the role of being a mother in all of her famous shows. Also, she is the mother of Arjo Atayde, famous actor on ABS-CBN. Before she succeeded in her great career she worked hard for it and now she is on top regarding in the showbiz industry. Recently many people heard that she has also another child asides from Arjo and Ria Atayde and her name is Pia.

Recently, the video grabs the attention of people and it became viral because they all saw that Sylvia Sanchez has been interviewed by Magandang Buhay and she confessed that she had also another child and that one is her eldest, not Arjo Atayde.

In the said video, netizens noticed it and many are starting on reacting. Some are shocked, they did not believe what Sylvia Sanchez said on the show. Also other are amazed that she is brave enough to tell to her son and to the whole Filipino people that she had another child.

Now Netizens are giving their thoughts and comments on Sylvia Sanchez. Some are speculating that before she becomes a popular artist, she went on a rough past relationship which leads her to become a single mother. Also, people think that she did it to protect the identity of her first child.

People are talking about it. Many are giving their comments, sentiments, and speculation on the video. Many want to know more about the family situation of Silvia Sanchez now that she confessed her past to them.

The story is now viral on the social media. People are now happy that despite her dark past, Sylvia Sanchez still did things to becomes a protective and responsible mother to all of her children. Because of it, netizens admire her for her hard work as a celebrity mother.

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