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A Thai Nurse Apologizes And Resigns After Posting Revealing Photos Of Herself While In Work!

If you're the type of person who finds it exciting or amusing to wear tight and sexy outfits, would you be willing enough to change your ways just because your employers told you to do so? A few people might say that they would change, but change just  so that  they could still get to keep their job. But then, this Thai nurse is different as she chooses to defy the rules!

Instead of changing her ways, she decided to leave her job.

A 26-year-old Thai nurse was forced to leave her job after people condemned her for wearing an extremely sexy and revealing uniform at work. The nurse who was identified as Parichat 'Pang' Chatsri was accused of bringing shame to the nurses’ profession after her private photos were posted on a public group called Thai Nurse Lovers Association.

The worst part is that the private photos were quickly leaked on social media.

Chatsri always wore a tight nurse uniform to work and since it's far from the western standards, it was considered a little vulgar in Thailand. Some critics and netizens then accused her of dressing inappropriately for her profession, which makes it seem as if she was making a fool out of her job due to her bad behavior.

Wanting to defend herself from all the judgements she had been receiving, she decided to release a public apology and said:

"I explained to the board at the hospital but they have high regards for the hospital’s image. I understood them and I didn’t want it to be a big deal. So I took responsibility by resigning.”

She also expressed that she felt that it was her responsibility to protect the reputation of her profession and the hospital where she worked.

She added:  "I’d like to apologise to the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council and the hospital.

I don’t want the public to judge all nurses based on my image. I do not want trouble. It happened and I was responsible. I need to improve myself.”

This woman did not really have any bad intention with regards to her profession, however, her behavior got way out of hand. Many netizens got bothered when she posted her photos inside the hospital, while on duty, wearing a very revealing uniform. Individuals of the same profession took it as a very negative matter and they felt that what Chatsri was doing was sort of shaming them generally.

It is pretty obvious that she her behavior was unacceptable, but the fact that she apologized already meant that she realized the wrong she had done.

For individuals like Chatsri, you must always be extra cautious when it comes to posting your photos on social media because we all know for a fact that everything online spreads very fast. When we choose to post photos on our social media accounts, we should always be alert when it comes to the content that we are going to post and share.

What did you think about this? Would you also get mad if you see something like this?

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