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Erich Gonzales Umamin Si Direk Paul Soriano Ang Dahilan Sa Pag Move On Sa Ex Boyfriend.

Erich Gonzales was soaking up the last of the summer sun as she shared a sizzling snap of her taut tummy while surfing in Siargao last August to November. Wading through the waters of Caraga's famous island paradise, the actress showed off her enviable abs, which appears to be the result of the training she has been doing for a project.

Let’s talk about some of the Erich-approved workouts for your summer bod next year! Recently, Erich Gonzales showed her super toned and trimmed physique in a post recently, and while the actress looked absolutely perfect, all eyes were drawn to her defined abs. And since summer is just around the corner and beach trips are waiting and swimsuits will inevitably be worn, we looked into some of Erich’s workout routines to help us achieve the perfect beach bod!

Horizontal arm pulls, since toned arms for women are underrated, and often overlooked. Erich hits two birds with one stone by doing horizontal arm pulls while in squat position. Looks easy… until you repeat it for about a hundred times. “Kapit lang!”. Modified hip bridges, hip bridges are one of the fastest and easiest workouts of all time. But we aren’t going for easy. To get the perfect body, you need to sweat for it. Erich raises the bar with modified hip bridges: use one leg resting on a gym ball, while one leg raised up in the air. How’s that for quick and easy?

Leg press, you know what everyone says: never skip leg day! To get the most envy-inducing legs, try leg presses a la Erich where you use weight equipment in the gym for the leg press. They’re not as simple as squats to be sure, but you’ll get results faster! The only problem is how you’ll walk properly the next day… Finally is Modified Step-ups, by now, we’re pretty much aware Erich doesn’t go for the easy way: she prefers to push her limits and challenge herself, and her step-ups are no different. She steps up into a stool using only one foot, repeat this in sets of 8.

Erich Gonzales gave her followers a closer look at her toned torso while wearing a navy blue two-piece swimwear. Many gushed over her transformation, dubbing her as their "#BodyGoals." Gonzales last appeared on television as part of the drama "MMK" recently, where she played the role of a pregnant woman who falls in love with a sick man. Prior to that, she made headlines after calling off her relationship with longtime boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga. The two have been reluctant to detail their split.

Erich Gonzales is taking full advantage of being single by experiencing all that the world has to offer. After trying out skydiving last February and wakeboarding, Erich took on another adventure alone: beach-hopping in Siargao. The baby-faced actress shared a photo on Instagram of her enjoying a boat ride.

The actress expresses her gratitude to all her co-stars in the movie Siargao, especially the director Paul Soriano for helping her move on from her ex. She insisted that the experience she acquired while shooting the movie makes her realize her self-value. This made her love herself more and that gave her the true importance of friends and family.

Erich will not just be a figure of beauty and hotness, but an icon of Tanduay as it stands out of the clutter through embracing experiential effort and fore fronting technology, the brand says on Thursday, November 22, during the launch.

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