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Melai Cantiveros Nakatangap Ng Matinding Surpresa Mula Sa Kanyang Asawang Si Jason Francisco!

Jason Francisco made sure to make Melai Cantiveros feel like a royalty as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Love is the best feeling that you could ever feel in this world. Love can be celebrated in more ways than one. Others celebrate their love by celebrating monthsaries, 100th day anniversary and the best is the annual wedding anniversary. Anniversaries may come in a very simple or in a very extravagant way.

Jason Francisco made sure that her wife Melai Cantiveros will feel the love he has for her that he made an extravagant surprise for their 4th wedding anniversary celebration last December 9, Saturday.  When I say extravagant, I meant that Jason made a very special magical ball themed surprise party for his ‘Mamang’ which made them look like they are royalties.

All of them were glammed and dressed up like they are part of the royal family and you will really feel that you are in a magical ball.  You will be able to see their photos on their official fan page on Facebook @OfficialMelason.

It is not just Melai and Jason along with their kids and family and friends were the ones who look like royalties, even the food that was served looked very mouth-watering and delectable. From the looks of it, the food could really satisfy your taste buds.

Melai shared this very wonderful celebration in their joint Instagram account, a post that has the caption that reads, “Ito kasi kaganapan kagabi sa aming munting palasyo , bakit palasyo? kasi kakaibang selebrasyun ang ginawa namin sa aming 4th wedding anniv , nagpakulo si papang @jasonfrancisco11 ng StarMagicBall sa bahay lahat ng ksamahan namin sa bahay naggown at polovest with make up pa ,napaka glamorous na party . napaka saya ng lahat mala prince at princess lahat.”

But all relationship was not always in a good state and phase. All relationship undergo trials and sometimes worst things come worst, it sometimes leads to choosing to be in two separate ways because of all the differences and the insecurities we have.

But even though they went separate ways for a couple of months because of the issues they had in the past, they still got it covered and they already patched things up and their love for each other became much stronger. And their love for each other gave them another gift, their second child Stella Rosalind.

Stella Rosalind turned 8th months old on her parent’s anniversary and they celebrated the two special days for the family at the same time. Stella looked like a fairytale princess because she was dressed as Belle from The Beauty and the Beast.

Just like in any other celebration and just like their wedding day, of course, the couple sealed the party with a short but a heartfelt kiss.

In a separate IG post, Melai made sure to thank her husband on how she made sure to surprise her and on their relationship as a whole, she wrote, “Late man ang post nato pero di late ang aming selebrasyun , Salamat Papang @jasonfrancisco11 sa pa Sweet mo naman na surprise kahit wala naman na papang ui basta lagi ka andiyan sa amin ,ok na ok ako Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary sa atin mahal kong Bana. Akala nila ikaw swerte sa akin pero di nila alam ako ang swerte sayu , I Love you. I Love You. I love you.”

Jason made sure that this anniversary of them would really mark in Melai’s heart and mind as well as their family and friends.

Let us congratulate Melason for their wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Melason!

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