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This Simple Girl Turned Into A Beautiful, Gorgeous Lady... A Sweet Revenge For The “Hayaan Mo Sila Dyan” Issue!

Beauty is not purely based on looks, but in one’s personality. Nowadays, women are very concerned with their looks, and most of them feel that make-up or surgery in the way to go. But what we forget is that we can be beautiful with just our good heart and attitude. We often see women or even young girls with huge transformation, and they are evidently seen on social media.

Photos of a young lady named Krizia Jewel V. Silverio, is now trending because of her gorgeous face. She is a student from Baliuag University, and her photos were posted to share her evolution from being a simple girl to a beautiful lady.
The Facebook page wherein her photos were shared contained different pictures of Krizia with captions reflecting “crab mentality’’, which is the characteristic of the crabs pulling each other down.
This practice is very common to Filipinos, and often we feel discouraged when others try and bring us down in all ways possible. The power of social media is very strong to the point that it affects majority of netizens. As much as we would want to change this attitude, it already becomes a nature to many. Since the Philippines is a ‘free country’, individuals frankly say what they want to say whether good or bad, positive or negative.
In one of her photos, she was bashed for being spotted to be out most of the time and they even labeled her as a ‘lakwatsera’, and that people like her will never thrive in life.
Although some of the netizens are defending Krizia by saying that no matter how others treat you badly or throw shame at you, you should never be affected but instead take all the negativity and use them as your inspiration.
You can be successful once you learn how to accept who you are and that you are unique in your own way-- you cannot please everybody after all! And it is true that beauty fades, while a good heart remains forever.
It may seem difficult to accept that all Filipinos are being labeled to be judgmental or rude, possessing that crab mentality, but not all Filipinos are.




It just sucks that others are being dragged into this negative generalization. Why don’t we just learn to respect other people’s lives and be happy for them. Everyone deserves happiness and it is up to them how they would want it to be achieved. If we want others to mind their own business, then we should not mind theirs as well.

Here are some words to live by:

  • You are beautiful no matter how you look, because you are made in God’s image and likeness, which makes you perfect in his eyes.

  • As long as you love and accept youself, you should not let anybody else bring you down or tell you what you should and should do. You are the captain of your own ship!

  • Beauty fades, but a good heart remains. God sees your for the inner beauty you possess and not your physical appearance.

Isn’t it amazing how self-love could defeat all the negativity? What can you say about this?


  1. Maganda naman cya kahit nung bata pa cya. Maitim lang siguro noon pero normal lang un sa mga batang very active sa labas ng bahay. Pero sa ganda makikita na pag laki nya eh talagang hahangaan cya. Look at her now.

  2. Grve ang ganda naman ninyu po.. Katie kung bata kapa po....

  3. Grve ang ganda naman ninyu po.. Katie kung bata kapa po....

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