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Xander Ford Showing His Before And After Makeup Look.

Weeks ago Xander Ford was missing in action. Netizens were confused on what happened to him. He was missing in all social media platforms, for a few days he didn’t make any post or any live feed. Netizens were a little bit scared and anxious on what’s happening to him. They are waiting for his updates for days but no update was made. Until he came back recently to his Instagram account and made a live feed of him getting a hair fix.

The former boy band “Hasht5” member Marlou Arizala had his first photoshoot as Xander Ford after he undergone a cosmetic surgery. The new face of Marlou Arizala has surprised the public by his total transformation to Xander Ford, which was featured last October 01, 2017 on ABS-CBN’s “Rated K”. The internet sensation has decided to undergo plastic surgery to enhance his facial features after suffering from bullying and online criticisms due to his physical appearance.

Marlou’s dream has finally come to reality due to the hard work and dedication of the plastic surgeons and staff of Icon Clinic including Dr. Eric Yapjuangco. Recently, the official Facebook page of “Star Image Artist Management” has the video of Marlou Arizala’s first photoshoot as Xander Ford. His first photo shoot was taken few hours after revealing his new look.

He was wearing different outfits and gamely posing for the cameras to show off the successful result of the plastic surgery. The talent agency who handles the former boy band member has also posted the comparative photos of Xander Ford before and after the operation. The social media page also wrote an overview of Marlou’s journey on his transformation to Xander Ford.

So when he decided to undergo plastic surgery and morph into the handsome Xander Ford with the clear skin, aquiline nose and fuller cheeks. The transformation was so amazing, Marlou and Xander Ford became the number two trending topic worldwide. Netizens are having a field day describing his transformation from that of a pinipig to a classy magnum ice cream. Up high in the list of most well-loved comments is how “words could affect a person either physically or mentally.”

Since undergoing plastic surgery, Marlou Arizala, who identifies as Xander Ford, has been sharing updates of his recovery on Instagram. The pictures show his face still swollen from multiple procedures done in early September. On "Rated K," plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Yapjuancgo revealed that the former Hasht5 singer underwent a nose lift and chin augmentation.

Based on the TV feature, other cosmetic procedures include wrinkle removal, eyebrow thickening, eyelash extension, lip pigmentation and dental implants. His mother, Merly Arizala, was opposed to the procedure to avoid complications. The procedures were painful but he decided to push through with it to fulfil his artista ambitions. Xander Ford's new look was revealed on Oct. 1 on the show.

The new look of Marlou Arizala has taken the internet by storm. To some netizens, his transformation is more than just a before-and-after story. It's his revenge against bashing, and his rise above the hate. The 20-year-old guy who was dubbed "One Pants Man" on social media for wearing "iisang maong" through various occasions is now a potential "leading man" on memes.

He was bashed excessively for being GGSS— or "Guwapong-Guwapo Sa Sarili"—and now has finally fit regular society's standard of guwapo. He has already said goodbye to Marlou, and has started using Xander Ford. All the changes were a dream come true for him. "Natupad ko na po yung pangarap ko...kinalimutan ko na yung mga nakaraan, kasi itong bagong 'to, ito na yung bagong mamahalin niyo."

After Rated K showed all the cosmetic surgeries and treatments he had undergone, the next question was: How much did his total makeover cost? The estimated total cost of Xander's makeover is PHP465,800.

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