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19 Year Old Star Gabbi Garcia Rushed To The Hospital

Gabbi Garcia Reveals Reason Why She Can't Attend Presscon Because Of A Severe Illness And Was Confined In A Hospital.

One of the greatest challenges in life is fighting an illness. You wouldn't know when it will happen because everything seems fine up until it becomes severe and you need to take some break in the hustle and bustle of life just to go back to normal health. This is the reason why many of our elders have been saying that staying healthy is one of the most important investments that we should do because even though we have lots of success but not healthy everything is wasted.

This is also the main reason why many showbiz personalities and celebrities are all investing their time and money in achieving an optimum health so that they can enjoy life even more. We can see it every day on social media, our favorite celebrities trying their best to be in the best shape. But sometimes we hear the sad news when one of our favorite celebrities had a severe illness. Just like what recently happened with the famous Encantadia star, Gabbi Garcia. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people heard a sad news about her health condition. People are all surprised and they are now talking about it on social media.

A Twitter story is now going viral all over social media after a news website called Fashion Pulis featured the actress Gabbi Garcia. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country and many people are following her on social media because of her dazzling beauty and amazing skills.

She is doing quite well now in her career and she's been on many projects, movies, and commercials ever since her career. She also built a name for herself and people are admiring her and following her on social media.

Recently, the actress has been making a buzz because people are asking her why she didn't attend the "Sherlock Jr." press conference and people were worried about her. Now, because of all the questions that were being asked, the actress released a statement on her Twitter account. 

In the post, she said that she was sorry for being absent in the presscon because she is sick and was confined to the hospital. According to reports, the actress has a severe kidney infection which explained why she is at the hospital and was on dextrose.

The post immediately gained the attention of many and fans were wishing her to get well soon. But some of the people are not convinced of her reason because they noticed something in her photo.

They were speculating why she is wearing a cap and makeup while in the hospital. People started to bring out their comments and speculations on the matter. They were saying maybe it was just because she doesn't look well that's why she wore a cap and makeup while others are thinking the opposite.

The story went massively viral on social media and many people are giving their messages of affirmation and were all waiting for updates about her. The actress might be staying in the hospital for quite some time and fans are wishing that she become fine soon.

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