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According To Experts, Kissing Can Help You Lose Weight.

According to experts, kissing can help you lose weight.

As a person, we all love to feel the warmth of another person’s love towards us. We love to feel the love of other people. We also love to feel and see the acceptance of the people around us. Nothing could ever change the fact that we love to be accepted especially by the ones who we love and trust. Nothing compares to that feeling. Aside from the fact and the feeling of being wanted, we also want to reciprocate those feelings through action. There are a lot of ways on how we could make others feel how we love them.

One of the ways on how we could let someone feel our love is through effort or actions. From simply making time for your loved ones you could make them feel your love for them. You can also write songs and poems about love. But other individuals do not really like to do that kind of stuff. They think those stuff are somehow corny and it does not suit us all. So other people tend to do physical contact with their other half. Physical contact like holding hands, wrapping your arms on his/her shoulders, hugging and the most intelligent mate of it all is kissing. They say that kissing has a lot of benefits and this is according to Austrian researchers. Kissing was said to relieve stress especially for those who really are in love. It is their intimate way of saying ‘I Love You’, and if ‘I love you’ does not have any action, it is useless.

According to researchers, a long passionate kiss could help you regulate your heartbeat, lower your blood cholesterol and decreases blood pressure. Absurd as it may seem but here are some of the benefits of kissing:

Kissing relieves stress. Once you open your mouth for a kiss, your jaw relaxes and which leads the other parts of your body to relax. Kissing long also helps you practice breathing long and deeply that tends to relax your body. Kissing helps weight control. Kissing can burn 100 calories an hour and it was said that if you do a lot of kissing per day you could lose 1 pound a day.

Kissing makes you look younger. As stress in your body lessens, you will look a lot younger. It also stimulates 30 facial muscles that help you smoothen out the wrinkles in your face.

Kissing helps protect infection. As you kiss, your saliva exchange with your partner and there are bacterias that is foreign to your body that stimulates your body to have more antibodies.

Kissing boost self-esteem. Kissing makes you a lot happier that results to your body to excrete endorphins that make you a lot happier.  Kiss helps you bond. Kissing helps you excrete oxytocin which is known to be the ‘bonding hormone’. 

Kissing eases allergies. A 30-minute kissing deters the immune system to release histamine that is known to be responsible for sneezes.  Kissing combats tooth decay. As you kiss you stimulates the flow of saliva in your mouth. It washes out the bacterias who are responsible for tooth decay.

It is really absurd to hear that kissing has a lot of benefits because we were used to knowing that kissing is just a way of making someone feel how you long and love them.

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