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Albert Martinez Could Jot Contain How Happy He Was Upon Seeing His First Granddaughter.

Albert Martinez Could Jot Contain How Happy He Was Upon Seeing His First Granddaughter.

The best gift that a parent could ever receive is that their kids would also be a parent like them. It must be very fulfilling for them to see and to be able to hold their grandkids. It would be such a great honor that you were able to take care of your kids and to see them also taking care of their own. It was not easy to raise a child or even committing to becoming a parent so when you see your child ready of being committed and ready to be a parent, you must really do a job well done on raising them.

Having a grandkid is a very happy feeling and after all the years that you waited to take care of them will be all worth it. This may be the same feeling that Albert Martinez is feeling right now. It was last year when he had the best Father’s Day gift, he received the news that his daughter is pregnant with his first grandkid. He announces this new is his interview with DZMM. "Actually, this is the best Father's Day celebration and the best Father's Day gift na nakuha ko ever. I received a gift from Alyanna in a box. When I opened it, I saw a note, and then I saw a bib," he said.

He was in tears when he saw the note saying that he will soon be a grandfather. "I've been waiting for the longest time," Martinez added. Nothing could compare to the feelings he felt that time. He also does not care whether its a girl or a boy as long as it is his grandkid, that is what really matters to him that time.

A few months later, his daughter Alyanna Martinez-Macam gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl. Meet Adalynn Riley Martinez Macam, Albert’s first grandchild who was born on January 19, 2018, who also made her grandfather’s life more colorful.

As a proud grandfather, he happily posted the picture of Adalynn on his official Instagram account with the caption that reads, “My 1st granddaughters, meet Adalynn Riley Martinez Macam 1,19,18 .... officially a Grand Papa !” 

Well, we could not blame Albert to be very proud of his granddaughter because she really looks like an angel and many people said that his granddaughter looks a lot like her grandmother, Liezel Martinez, the late wife of Albert.

Alyanna and her husband Roy also posted how they felt upon seeing their first born. Roy posted on his Instagram account p, a photo of his wife while holding Adalynn in her arms. The caption reads, “My daughter Adalynn’s birth has been the most powerful and magical experience that I have ever had the privilege to witness in my entire life.

Seeing my wife go through the whole birthing process completely unmedicated with nothing you can do physically to help her but wish to take her place instead was excruciating to watch. All I had to offer was my complete support and reassuring words and remind her that this is what we wanted and prepared so hard for and that we will meet our beautiful baby soon.”

 As a first-time parent, it would be very hard for both Alyanna and Roy to take care of their daughter but with Albert at their side, guiding them, it would not be that hard.

Congratulations on being a Grandfather, Albert. You can also send your regards to him in the comment box below.

Source:  ABS-CBN


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