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Alex Gonzaga Funny Interruption Done To Pia Wurtzbach While On Air.

Alex Gonzaga Funny Interruption Done To Pia Wurtzbach While On Air.

There are a lot of funny moments on National Television that brings us entertainment and joy while having some quality time with our loved ones. Yes, watching movies, TV shows, and videos on TV is really part of the Filipino culture. This brings the family closer together because of the fun and laughter that these celebrities are bringing to our lives. But sometimes, there are funny things that are accidentally shown while on air and when these things happened, it is often really hilarious and hysterical to see. As fans and supporters, we always wanted to hear news about our favorite celebrities and when these things happen to them, we are so happy for them that our hearts leap for joy.

Funny moments are common to a lot of celebrities and you can see when a celebrity is good if he or she knows how to handle the situation well. Because when they handled it well, the joke can be really hilarious and make the scene more entertaining. This is seen in the phenomenal Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and the actress Alex Gonzaga. They've been making a buzz on social media after people saw a funny moment between the two that have happened while they are on Air. People are now going crazy about it on social media.

An Instagram video is now going viral all over social media after a certain page featured the phenomenal actresses, Pia Wurtzbach and Alex Gonzaga. We all know that the actress Pia Wurtzbach is really famous all over the world for she is the most popular Miss Universe in history.

She was crowned the Miss Universe in 2015 and ever since then, the actress became famous all over the country because she did bring pride to the nation. Likewise, with the actress Alex Gonzaga, she is also really famous in the country because of her dazzling beauty, great talents, and amazing charm that she displayed in the showbiz industry.

Alex Gonzaga is also known as a famous Vlogger and as well as really funny when it comes to her videos. She is really spontaneous and is trying out many things on her videos. Now, the actress has been the talk of the town after people saw what she did to Pia Wurtzbach. They were quite shocked at what she did and they are now giving their thoughts on Alex Gonzaga.

In the video, you will see that Pia Wurtzbach is talking and answering the questions that were asked of her. While Pia is talking, you can see that Alex is having her own thing and looking at Pia's chests.

She was astounded by Pia's beautiful body and she was curious about her. So what she did next is that she pokes Pia's chest to confirm what Pia is having but this lead to Pia being distracted by her answer.

The Miss Universe immediately reacted to Alex Gonzaga's move and everyone laughed at them. It was so funny because Pia handled the situation well even though they are live on air.

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

The video went massively viral on social media and people are now giving their comments, sentiments, and thoughts on the video. They were all saying that Alex is really funny and they were praising Pia for handling the situation well and made the scene very hilarious.

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