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Alex Gonzaga's Funny Photos While Sleeping Made Everyone's Day On Social Media.

Alex Gonzaga's Funny Photos While Sleeping Made Everyone's Day On Social Media.

When we were kids many of us share the experience of being afraid of falling asleep in the car or in a bus because our friends my took a picture of us or might do something funny on us. This is a common experience for everyone because it is really a hilarious prank and as well as very embarrassing. Yes, we can all remember how our friends and loved ones do this to us or us doing it on them. It is a common cycle of pranks and we can get our revenge by pulling the same prank on them.

It is also the same thing when it comes to celebrities. Like any other common folk, celebrities also share this experience because like us they also have friends and siblings who might pull pranks on them. Just like what recently happened with phenomenal actress and TV Host, Alex Gonzaga. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw what her sister Toni Gonzaga did to her and was brought to social media. People are now going crazy about it and they are all talking about it on cyberspace.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after the phenomenal TV host Toni Gonzaga shared what she did to her younger sister Alex. We all know that the Gonzaga sisters were really famous all over the country for they are really beautiful, extremely talented, and their charm captivates the hearts of the people.

Alex Gonzaga is also known as a famous Vlogger and as well as really funny when it comes to her videos. She is really spontaneous and is trying out many things on her videos. Also, she is really close to her sister Toni Gonzaga and fans and supporters were always excited for updates about them.

People are following them all over social media especially Alex because of the funny things that she does in social media. But more than the funny things she does, people are always excited because of her frisky attitude that many people can relate to.

In the video, you will see that Alex is being filmed by her sister Toni Gonzaga while she was sleeping in the car. She really looked tired and yet her photos are really funny.

Most of us could relate to these things because this is a common prank being done to us by friends and loved ones and now Alex Gonzaga is being pranked by her sister. The moment it was shared on Instagram, photos, and videos of it became viral.

People were surprised to see that Alex Gonzaga's look while she was sleeping and they were all giving their thoughts in the video. Fans and supporters were all happy to see the IG Story and they were saying that Alex is really gentle and sweet when she is sleeping. Many people started to flood the video and they were all giving out their praises on Toni for pulling off such pranks. Many were happy for her and they were all complimenting Alex how good she was when she is asleep.

The video went massively viral on social media and many of the Gonzaga sisters' fans were all happy and they were looking forward to many more updates about them.

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