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Angel Locsin And Bela Padilla Awkward Moment During The Baby Shower Of Sarah Lahbati.

Angel Locsin and Bela Padilla awkward moment during the baby shower of Sarah Lahbati.

We all can relate to the moment of accidentally meeting your ex in a common friend's event. Yes, this is one is definitely labeled as "awkward" moment because there are a lot of things that had happened to you. Maybe you cannot move on yet, you are angry with the person, or it's just plain awkward to see the person you spend most of your time within the past is now in front of you happily smiling as if nothing has happened and you cannot complain about it.

Another awkward moment that is really hard to take is to accidentally see your ex together with his new partner in a common friend's event. You might not know what the reason behind is or may its not just your lucky day but indeed this moment is pretty much awkward. This is true to celebrities as well. Because of the small world that they have, most of them have common friends and when celebration comes, there is a huge chance that you will meet the new partner of your ex. Just like what recently happened with the actress Angel Locsin and Bela Padilla. They have been the talk of the town after people saw a video that both of them attended the same party.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Trendz Today" featured the actresses Angel Locsin and Bela Padilla. We all know that the actress Angel Locsin is one of the leading actresses in the showbiz industry and she is really popular all over the country.

Angel Locsin is one of the greatest actresses on the showbiz scene. Many people are following her on some various television series and movies. She is one of the main stars of the television show La Luna Sangre. Angel Locsin is admired by many people because of her amazing talents and dazzling beauty. 

Meanwhile, Bela Padilla is also a great celebrity with a beautiful face and amazing body physique that many men admired. They are both popular all over the country and many people are admiring them on social media.

But we all know that the common thing about these two great actresses is the film producer Neil Arce. Yes, Bela Padilla is the ex-girlfriend of the film director and now Angel is the current girlfriend. Whenever such things happen, fans often times collide and has been curious whether when the two face-offs in one common event.

And then it happened, the two actresses finally met in the baby shower of their friend Sarah Lahbati. In the video, you can see at first that Bela Padilla is really enjoying the event and then came Angel and Neil who entered the scene.

The atmosphere in the place became really awkward as the actress Angel greeted everyone in the party. People also saw that Neil Arce is really worried and is displaying an awkward face behind Angel Locsin. It immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and they are now speculating things about the couple and Bela Padilla.

A post shared by Bela Padilla (@belapadilla) on

A post shared by Bela Padilla (@belapadilla) on

The video went massively viral all over social media and people are now giving their comments and sentiments on the video. Some people defended Angel Locsin while others affirmed Bela Padilla for moving forward in the past. Indeed, this scene is definitely one awkward moment that everyone could relate to.

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