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Angelica Panganiban Speaks About Her Experiences With Her Exes.

Angelica Panganiban Speaks About Her Experiences With Her Exes.

We all have heard the saying "Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you". This is a common phrase that people say when someone is a hard time in moving on from a recent break up in a serious romantic relationship. Yes, moving on is really hard especially when you spent a lot of years with your partner and in a single moment everything fell apart even though you tried your best to work it out. That's a sad reality that anyone on this stage needs to face and copping up with these things is really hard.

Most of the time people are having a hard time moving because of the triggers they had in their memory, may it be the places they've been to, the friends they are with, and as well as the words and experiences that had happened with them. Sometimes because of such things, we feel sorry towards ourselves and we start to pity ourselves. But the beautiful thing about these things is that when you overcome it, it will make you a better person in the future. This is seen with the phenomenal actress, Angelica Panganiban, as she shares her story regarding moving on with the people she loved. People were quite surprised at what they heard and they are now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Gandang Gabi Vice" featured the superstar actress Angelica Panganiban. We all know that Angelica has been one of the prominent actresses in the showbiz industry and she’s known as one of the most beautiful faces in the country.

She did amazing movies, appeared in many TV shows, and she built a name for herself in the showbiz industry and people are really looking up to her. But fans and supporters are always curious how Angelica is when it comes to her love life. We are always excited to know when she is ready to commit herself to loving another person and people wanted to know about it.

In Gandang Gabi Vice, we all know that the TV Host, Vice Ganda, is quite straightforward when it comes to asking his guests. There are times that he asks the killer question which everyone is waiting for. Now, the TV Host asked the killer question, "Umiiyak ka pa ba?"

People in the audience were astounded of the question because they know that Angelica went through a lot of hardships when it comes to relationships. The actress answered, "Yes, umiiyak parin ako." Her answer made everyone speechless up until she followed it up with the answer, "Umiiyak ako sa mga masasayang bagay na".

Angelica told everyone how she cried before the premiere night because she realized the many blessings that she is having now. She also said that she is really okay now unlike before that she is having "self-pity" moments by herself. She said that back then she is always blaming herself for the things that have happened but now she is really fine.

After a series of jokes, the actress concluded that it is hard to move on but now she has learned a lot and were so thankful for the things that she has right now.

The video immediately went viral on social media and people are now giving their comments and sentiments on the actress. They were all excited for the actress and they were all rooting for the actress and Carlo Aquino to get back together.

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Source: Youtube | ABS-CBN


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