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Anne Curtis Being Serious Doing Her Housewife Duties To Husband Erwann Heussaff All By Herself.

Celebrity couple Erwann Heussaff, a food blogger and chef, and Anne Curtis, a multi-talented entertainer famously known not only for her adorable sense of humor and beautiful face but also for her hosting and acting skills, got married in Queenstown, New Zealand last November 12, 2017.

Your home should be somewhere you look forward to spending time. It should be a haven from the stresses of the world. You should be proud to have your friends round for dinner and they should leave impressed by your comfortable, clean, homely home. Nowadays, we don't all have the time or energy to make the most of our homes.

Celebrity wives might not have the best reputation (thanks, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”) but that doesn’t mean that all celebrity wives are so ridiculous. In fact, some stars have stuck to their wedding vows and proved themselves to be amazing wives — and moms — over the years.

 Through sickness and health, they have stuck by their husbands. With all proud and confident, we would like to show you that Anne Curtis is one of the celebrity wives that can really stick with her wedding vows and proved herself to be an amazing wife!

Recently, Erwann celebrated his birthday. His wife Anne tries her very best to please her husband, especially on his birthday. She cooks Thai food which was requested by Erwann. Anne was seen very busy preparing and cooking food for her husband’s birthday. She was very serious doing her housewife duties all by herself.

In a video that was making the rounds online, it was divided into two parts: the first part was taken by Anne’s husband showing her baking a cake. The second part was taken by a friend of the celebrity couple, showing off the finished product.

In the video, Erwan can be heard saying “It tastes weird,” after tasting the cake batter that his wife was making. Anne asked if it really did taste weird, but did not seem to mind as she was so focused on the batter. Erwan then said “This is wifechilla, yo. Never cooks for me but cooks for her friends.”

The Kapamilya actress shot him a serious look then jokingly rolled her eyes, telling him “Baby, it’s for you!” Erwan snickered, saying he’s not going to be there to taste it. The end product was remarkable. While everyone was expecting a cake, Anne surprised them with a “flat cake.”

Awwwww, you guys. Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff have always been such a cute couple, but this video just made us want you more! It’s great to witness a love story through their simple lives. This is why it’s also pretty endearing that Anne particularly wanted to open their story to the people who have supported her career from day one. She is really an example of an amazing wife!

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