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Baby Alas Padilla Given A Post-Baby Shower Party By Kylie Padilla And Aljur Abrenica.

Baby Alas Padilla Given A Post-Baby Shower Party By Kylie Padilla And Aljur Abrenica

We can not buy happiness or joy since it is a feeling. The joy of having a baby is lasting to a couple who have a desire to own a baby. Celebrity parents Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica appear to be enjoying their free time with Baby Alas Padilla – given the number of family photos they’ve uploaded on Instagram. All the same, fans are still happy to see these adorable pics of Baby Alas with his proud parents.

When rumors of her pregnancy surfaced early last year, one of Kylie Padilla's pressing concerns was what would happen to her role as Amihan in the fantasy Encantadia. But the fears subsided eventually. She wanted to be a mom, and it happened. Kylie had admitted before that having a family was all in the plan. She and fiance, actor Aljur Abrenica, were to get married and have kids—the 'having kids' part just happened earlier. 

Fast forward to today, Kylie now has a baby boy, and she and Aljur are busy attending to the needs of their son, Alas Joaquin. She's at her baby boy's beck and call, as she's breastfeeding, while Aljur takes over at night when she needs to sleep and recharge. Recently, the photography studio Nice Print Photography shared pictures of Baby Alas’ baby shower celebration on Instagram. Some of you might be wondering: “didn’t she have a baby shower before?”

Well, you might be surprised to hear that this was a post-baby shower celebration! It’s not enough that this kid had a baby shower; he has to have a post celebration as well! The photography studio shared two snaps that featured the trio against a pastel-colored background that had images of animals. Mama Kylie was attired in a pastel blue outfit with animal prints as well – matching the event theme.

One of the captions indicated that the party was organized by One Tree South. The timestamp of the pictures revealed that Baby Alas Padilla had his celebration on Jan. 28, 2018. One picture featured the tot in a light beige hoodie with deep blue socks. He looked at the camera as his father Aljur took of a snapshot of their bonding moment. Most netizens were amused by the picture since it was a close-up version of the previous one that was shared by the photography studio.

Some of their comments were the following:
“Napaka gwapong bata.”
“Yung lips ata ni baby sa lolo robin nya namana”
“Hla kamukha.nang lolo”
“Ganda ni mommyKyle,Ay alas sobra pogi”

Another series of pictures were also shared by Vanna Rodrigo-Reyes. Based on her Instagram profile, she is an events host and a model. Presumably, she was involved in the event’s preparations, if not the host herself. Vanna shared a snapshot of the gorgeous cake which was served at the post-baby shower celebration. It was a blue-and-white cake that had different designs of animals and other cute dressings.

She also shared a picture of Baby Alas with his parents and wrote her congratulatory message in the caption. Vanna wrote: “Congratulations kylienicolepadillaand and ajabrenica for having a very cute baby Alas 🙂 such an honor to host this special milestone in your life:) God bless you 3 :)”

There is also an uploaded video featuring the highlights of the celebration. We can see that alas had so much fun during his post celebration! The parents also looked content and full of love with their son. This family shares their love to all of us, so what we need to do is to give back the love. Let us all be happy for them because they deserve it.

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Source: Instagram | GMA

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