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Richard Gutierrez And Sarah Lahbati Got Into An Accident At Sea.

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati got into an accident at sea?!

Accidents can strike anywhere and anytime. We don't know when will it happen that is why many of us are always prepared and on guard whenever these things occur. In many different ways, we can be cautious of these things that might happen. We can wear protective gears, follow safety procedures, and lifevest whenever we are at sea. These things might or might not help us but it is a precaution which will help us have a better chance of surviving whenever accidents occur. Though such things are not regular occurrences but sometimes it can be really tragic and shocking whenever accidents happen.

Some of us are often shocked by something catastrophic happens and we couldn’t help but worry about the people involved especially when we hear the news about our favorite celebrities. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star, Richard Gutierrez and his family. Apparently, people are surprised of what they have heard about what happened with their boat during their Christmas Holiday vacation. People are now talking about it all over social media and they are now worried about them.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named “Mr.Tsismoso” featured the actor Richard Guiterrez. We all know that the actor is really famous all over the country and he is one of the prominent actors in the showbiz industry.

Recently, the actor went on a vacation trip to Malaspascua Island to spend their holidays their together with his fiancee Sarah Lahbati and son Zion. They were really happy spending their vacation there and as well as they made an outreach program to the residents of the place.

They enjoyed their stay there and have taught their son the value of charity and giving. But then during the vacation part of their trip, a huge storm struck the island and then an accident happened. Apparently, the boat they are riding sunk and split into two.

They were immediately rescued and were brought to safety. Now, they are back in Manila to tell the story. Fans and supporters got worried about them because they saw the remnants of the huge storm that struck the Island.

The family of Richard Gutierrez is now safe and they were all excited about the upcoming events of the actor. His fiancee, Sarah Lahbati, is now getting ready for the baby shower this coming weekend and the couple is now excited about the coming of their new baby boy.

The video immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and they are now giving their comments and worries to the couple. They were lauding the ones who helped them during the accident and they were all relieved after hearing that the actor and his family are now safe.

Later on, it went massively viral on social media and people are now are relieved and grateful after hearing the current situation of the actor and his family. We cannot really know what will happen next that’s why it's better to be safe and be grateful that everything is fine.

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Source: Instagram | ABS-CBN


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