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Barbie Forteza To Star In A Magpakailanman Episode With Jak Roberto.

While some actors take the method acting route and gain (or lose) drastic amounts of weight for a part, others rely on prosthetics to get the look they're going for. Fat suits are a quick and easy way for actors to transform their bodies into a part that would otherwise require them to gain tons of weight. While some fat suits are easy to spot, others are pretty surprising. Read on to learn about how Barbie Forteza felt in wearing fat suits for a role.

Barbie Forteza is one of the pretty faces in the showbiz industry. She started off as a young actress who takes roles of innocent leading ladies. As time flies, she slowly took more mature roles in different shows and movies.

She is known for her roles such as young Jodi in GMA Network's remake of the 2003 South Korean television drama series Stairway to Heaven and Cyndi Gomez in First Time. Forteza also appeared in several movies such as Tween Academy: Class of 2012, The Road and the indie film, Puntod in which she won as New Movie Actress of the Year in the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies. In April 2013, Forteza released her self-titled album, Barbie Forteza under MCA Records with the carrier single, Meron Ba which was used as the theme song for GMA Network's koreanovela, Big.

In 2014, Forteza was chosen to play one of the lead roles in the television series, The Half Sisters along with Thea Tolentino. In August 2014, she won the Best Supporting Actress award in the new breed category at the 10th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, for the film Mariquina, portraying a teenage version of Mylene Dizon's character Imelda.

Forteza became popular in her primetime series That's My Amboy and Meant to Be (TV series) making her the Kapuso Primetime Princess. Just recently, Barbie Forteza became a trending topic on social media after she posted a photo on her Instagram account.

Using her Instagram account, Barbie Forteza posted a photo of her lying on a bed inside a tent. It’s noticeable that she’s way fatter in the recent Instagram post than in her previous Instagram posts. The post that came with a caption: “After the holidays” has already garnered a total of 28,899 likes from the netizens.

Although it’s pretty obvious that her fats are artificial and were only placed on her body for a project, there were still a few netizens who asked why she suddenly looked fat. It turns out that Barbie Forteza’s new look was for her ‘Magpakailanman’ project with Jack Roberto.

According to a report made by the GMA Network, Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza’s first ever project for the year 2018 is their Magpakailanman project that is set to air on January 6. The story that was entitled “Tinimbang Ngunit Sobra: The Melinda Mara Story” that will be aired on January 6, Saturday, will also feature the stars Robert Ortega, Sherilyn Reyes, Lucho Ayala, Stephanie Sol, Eunice Lagusad.

This may or may not come as a shock to you, but not every actor who plays an obese character is actually overweight in real life. Instead of gaining a bunch of weight for a role, some stars have donned fat suits – a bodysuit-like undergarment that thickens their appearance. When the director yells “cut,” they can easily remove the garment and transform back into their regular appearance in the blink of an eye. 

This will be Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto’s first ever project for the year 2018. To all the JakBie fans out there, watch out for this project! What do you think about this? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Instagram | GMA


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