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Barbie Imperial Reveals The Truth About Her Relationship With Paul Salas.

Barbie Imperial reveals the truth about her relationship with Paul Salas.

Being in a serious romantic relationship is no easy task. Yes, it may bring us so much joy and happiness but there are times that we need to make a lot of sacrifices for the people that we love. We need to adjust to their attitudes and their negative traits and hope that everything will work out. It's not some fairy tale that we all have heard about that relationships is a happy ending but rather a commitment to love and understand each other every day.

But sometimes we hear people complain and were having a hard time in handling their partners. They talk to us and share things about their partners which sometimes becomes so drastic. Today, many young people tend to share their relationship on social media publicly. We cannot blame them because social media seems to be an outlet for our feelings and emotions. This is true even for famous people like celebrities, but the difference between common folks like us and them is that they have a huge following on social media. People can easily speculate things about what they post and it can become a huge topic on social media. Just like what happened with the phenomenal actress, Barbie Imperial. She's been making a buzz all over after bringing out series of tweets about her relationship with the actor Paul Salas. 

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Showbiz Philippines" featured the actress Barbie Imperial. We all know that the actress was really the girlfriend of the actor Paul Salas and many people are noticing something weird about her in social media.

Both of them have been quite successful with their careers and have built a huge fan base in the country and this time people are now eyeing the two as one of the sweetest love team in the country. Now, a video report about them has been the talk of the town and people were quite shocked of what they have heard about the two.

In the video, you will see that Barbie Imperial brought a series of tweets which shows some cryptic message about love and relationships. She said, "I'm done with all your lies and excuses", this leads to the speculation that Paul Salas is cheating on her. 

Later on, the actress posted another tweet about moving on. People were surprised about it and they are now flooding her social media account. They were all saying that it is proof that Barbie and Paul have broken up and she is now hurt and having a hard time in moving on.

The video immediately went viral all over social media and many people are now giving their comments and sentiments about it. Fans comforted the actress with words of affirmation and love for her while some are complaining about Paul Salas.

Though there is no final statement made yet from Paul Salas' camp, people are still giving out their sentiments on him. Many are wondering what happened and they were all waiting for what really happened between the two.

A post shared by Paul Salas (@salas.paul) on

A post shared by Paul Salas (@salas.paul) on

It went massively viral on social media to the point that many social media websites, channels, and pages shared the video.

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Source: Twitter | ABS-CBN


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