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Beauty Gonzales Breaks Silence Regarding Rumors About The Secret Wedding Of Ellen Adarna And John Lloyd Cruz.

Beauty Gonzales Breaks Silence Regarding Rumors About The Secret Wedding Of Ellen Adarna And John Lloyd Cruz.

The wedding day is really one of the most important days of one's life. Yes, this is the big day that two persons commit themselves to one another because of their deep love for each other. Many of us would agree that weddings are really beautiful and it brings us so much joy whenever we see two people fall in love and dedicate their lives to one another. That is why when a couple is engaged, they do their best in preparing for the day of their lives.

We make the best preparations and we invite the closest people in our lives to inform them that finally, you are ready to commit yourselves to one another for the rest of your lives. This is a very inspiring thing to witness especially when the ones getting married are our closest friends. As fans and supporters, we can only be happy with our favorite celebrities who are about to get married and wish them well. Just like what people have recently heard about the sensational couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna. They have been making a buzz all over social media after their close friend Beauty Gonzales speaks up about the rumors of the secret wedding that broke out on cyberspace.

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Mr. Tsismoso" featured the phenomenal actress Beauty Gonzales. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country and she has been admired and looked up to by many people.

She did quite well on many successful projects and advertisements and she has been one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry. People are always fascinated by her and in everything that she does. Now, recently she has been the talk of the town because of her recent interview and she revealed the truth about the on-going rumors on the secret wedding of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz.

We can remember that the showbiz columnist, Lolit Solis, brought on social media a scoop that the couple will soon have a wedding in Cebu. She claims that a reliable from the organizers of the wedding that John Lloyd and Ellen will tie the knot on early February.

People are surprised to hear the scoop and they are now excited about this great news. But some are not yet convinced because no statement was made from the camp of John Lloyd and Ellen. Now, people couldn't confirm whether the rumors are true or not up until a close friend of the couple, Beauty Gonzales, spoke about it.

In the interview, the actress reveals that there is no truth about the said rumors and she is sure that she will be informed when Ellen and John Lloyd will have a wedding. We all know that she is really close to Ellen and she is positive that when these things are about to happen Ellen Adarna will inform her immediately.

The video immediately gained the attention of many people and they are now giving their comments and sentiments on the issue. Some were confused while some are disappointed because they are excited to see the couple's wedding.

Though there are no confirmations yet on the side of the couple, the statement of Beauty seems close to the truth because her reason sounds legit and it must be just a rumor that is going with the couple.

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Source: Inquirer | PEP


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