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Bianca Gonzales Was Saddened By The Excessive Fan Rivalry.

Bianca Gonzales Was Saddened By The excessive Fan Rivalry.

Being in a fandom is quite a thing nowadays, this is because of the young people can easily access the social media and follow their favorite celebrities. Also, people can group themselves because they have a common liking to certain celebrities. The internet is really helpful in connecting these people and it is really great that they have found a place to belong to. But sometimes, fandoms can also be really exaggerated because of their love for their idols. We cannot really control it especially when two fandoms clash against the other.

It is always a huge debate and many can see it all over social media. This is quite common in fans, they are always there to defend their idols and as well as bash other "perceived rival" of their idols. It really is huge right now and many people can see it and couldn't help but react regarding this growing excessive rivalry among fandoms. Just like what happened to the celebrity TV Host, Bianca Gonzalez. She's been the talk of the town all over social media after people saw her recent tweet about fans who are bashing others just because it is the rival of their celebrity idols.

A Twitter story is now going viral all over social media after a news website called Fashion Pulis featured the TV host and actress, Bianca Gonzalez. We all know that she has been successful for quite some time now and has been one of the most prominent TV hosts in the showbiz industry.

She has built a strong relationship with her fans and people followed her on different social media platforms. But the more following you get, also means the more eyes are on you and one thing that you said may change the game and opinion of your fans on you.

Just like what happened recently on Twitter and it is now a huge topic on different social media sites. The actress apparently brought out an observation regarding what's happening in different fandoms now on social media.

We all know that fandoms can grow rapidly every single day and it is always a huge discussion whenever two celebrities clash against each other. Fans can easily get irritated and they will do their best either to defend their idol or bash the rival of their favorite celebrity.

That is why the actress and TV host, Bianca Gonzales, brought out her opinion about what's happening with these people. She said in her a recent tweet, that is really sad and the social media is full of negativity because fans bash their idol's perceived rival. She also poses a question asking them since when this thing has started and advised everyone to civil about it when you do not like a certain celebrity.

The tweet immediately caught the attention of many people on social media and people have been giving their comments and sentiments. People are retweeting the post and have been naming fandoms that are really hardcore.

Some of these die-hard fans came from the fans of Kathryn Bernardo and as well as the fans of Angel Locsin. These two big names are really a huge debate on social media and a lot of their fans were always clashing everywhere. People were quite saddened by this reality and have lauded Bianca for her bravery in bringing this topic out.

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