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Carlo Aquino Admits That He Still Has Feelings For Angelica Panganiban.

Carlo Aquino Admits That He Still Has Feelings For Angelica Panganiban.

After being separated for a long time, the hardest thing to do in your life is seeing the person you hold dear before was standing right in front you but you were never the same. Yes, facing an ex is really a huge challenge to every person. Why? Because the time you spent with each other was blown away just because things didn't work out. So the greatest question is, is it easy to get back together with a guy who broke your heart into pieces after spending so much time and effort for him? For some, it may be easy but to some, it is not.

But there are times we hear some of our friends did those things and we are always amazed and we can find ourselves hopeful of the "second chance" that they give to each other. It is somewhat wonderful to see, to people who have broken up, went their separate ways for quite some time, and finally discovered that the final place they want to be in is to be with each other. This is seen to the two famous star celebrities, Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban. People were all intrigued with what's the real score between the two and they are now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel "ChikanessAve" featured the phenomenal actor, Carlo Aquino. We all know that the actor is really popular all over the country because he did well in the many projects he's been in and he was known as one of the greatest actors of his time.

Even today, the actor is still active in his career and he is still famous all over the country. But people are always intrigued as to how was his relationship with her ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban especially today that he is single and rumors are rising that he is the secret admirer of the actress.

We can remember that the Angelica and Carlo are together for six years and people are really looking forward to their relationship. They were all excited for them back then especially their fans but they broke up and now rumors are spreading that the two are talking to each other and are planning to get back together.

In the video, you will see that Carlo is being interviewed by the press and questions were thrown at him. People are all excited to ask if he was the secret admirer and what's his current relationship with the actress. We all know that Angelica is all a man could ask for. The beautiful face, the talent and the wits she has could really charm a man.

Plus, the two had a history together, a strong friendship and 6-year-long serious relationship. The interview went well and people were surprised by Carlo's answer regarding Angelica. He said "Hindi eh, sobrang kaibigan ko kasi sya at sobrang mahal ko sya."

In another interview, the actress Angelica was ask for her stand of dating Carlo again, she answered, “Matalik kong kaibigan yan. Ang maganda kasi sa amin naging magkaibigan kami after. Kasi nagsimula siguro siya sa friendship, naging magkaibigan kami nang mahabang mahabang (panahon) sabay kami lumaki e. Ayun, kaya siguro nung naghiwalay kami walang galit sa amin. Maayos ‘yung hiwalayan.”

She also admitted that Carlo asked her out. “Inaaya naman niya ako. Huy mamaya mapanuod niya ‘to, magexpect naman ‘yun. Kasi marami kaming pag-uusapan". People were caught on the two celebrities and they are now excited to hear more updates about them now on social media. 

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