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Daddy Bae Hindi Nakapagpigil At Nag Bigay Ng Mainit Na Mensahe Sa Isang Basher.

Daddy Bae Richard Faulkerson Reacts To A Post Of A Basher.

The coolest thing in being a Filipino is how we value our family. Yes, it is seen in almost any Filipino family how they value their relationship and how it is the reason of why they are here in this earth. We can see it in many Pinoys in social media, they post pictures of their family members and as well as share theur perfect moments spent with their loved ones. This is one of the great culture that has been passed down to us, our family is indeed our greatest strength.

Yet sometimes, the family value is being misinterpreted by many and people has something to say about you even though it is in good faith that you are doing the things you do for them. This is common as well, because the challenge is different for every family, sometimes people cannot understand the situation in yours from them. Just like what recently happened with the father of the phenomenal star, Alden Richards. He's been the talk of the town ever since people saw a message from one of his bashers. People are now making a buzz about it on social media.

A Facebook story is now going viral all over social media after the Father of the phenomenal star Alden Richards named Richard Faulkerson Sr. brought to social media a post from one of his bashers. We all know that Alden Richards is one of the greatest phenomenon that had ever happened in Television history.

He is known as the other half of one of the biggest love tandem in showbiz called AlDub. Together with her love tandem, Maine Mendoza, they took the showbiz industry by storm through the segment called Kalye Serye.

Ever since then, the tandem rose to fame and they became the biggest love team in Philippines. Now, because they are really famous, Alden's family is also part of his fame. Fans couldn't help but dig in to their personal lives because they wanted to get to know him more.

One of the things that came along Alden's fame is that his fans are also following his father and even named him "Daddy Bae". Now, Daddy Bae has been making a buzz on social media after people saw a post that he shared on Facebook.

The post came from a Facebook user named Buena Roxas and she said to Daddy Bae, "Ang sarap ng buhay ni Daddy Bae, umaasa lang sa anak lagi pang nagpapa selfe sa fb. Ang parents ni Maine negosyo nila ang inaasikaso at so humble."

The post immediately gained the attention of people on social media. People are now giving their comments and sentiments on the issue. Fans and supporters are all defending Daddy Bae for what he is doing now and were all saying that he deserves all the love from Alden because he is down there for Alden way back before.

A post shared by Daddy Bae© (@daddy__bae) on

A post shared by Daddy Bae© (@daddy__bae) on

A post shared by Daddy Bae© (@daddy__bae) on

A post shared by Daddy Bae© (@daddy__bae) on

People are also saying a lot of things about Daddy Bae and a huge debate has been started on social media. The story sent massive on social media to the point that many pages, channels, and websites shared the post of Daddy Bae.

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