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Former Nerd Reveals How Being An Actress Helped Her Overcome Bullies.

Former Nerd Reveals How Being An Actress Helped Her Overcome Bullies.

One of the biggest issue in school told by students is bullying. Yes, we can see the stories everyday being reported on social media and we can say that it is really rampant. Many of us could relate to the feeling of the victims of bullying, their pain and what they are going through especially when back then we have experienced the same. It is really a bad feeling being misunderstood, mocked, and left out by people and some children carry those horrifying feelings with them until they become adults.

It is really hard issue now because some adults now are traumatized of what happened with them during their childhood and sometimes we hear stories that it really has an effect in their daily now. But there are times we hear that people overcome their experiences with the help of someone or with the help of their career. It gave them the confidence to move on and face their life with hope that the future will be better. Just like what recently happened with the superstar actress, Harriet Sugarcookie. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw an interview of her from the broadcasting network Unilad. People are now talking about her and they were surprised when they heard about her life story.

A video is now going viral all over social media after the YouTube channel of "Unilad" featured the actress in their Unilad Original Documentary Film. We all know that the actress has been famous world wide because of her dazzling beauty, astounding skills, and cute charm.

She is known in the industry as the cute actress which everyone adored especially men. Her charisma seems not just to reach her homeland, England, but the entire world as well. With her grace and beauty, she took the industry by storm and she is now known as one of the famous actress and young entrepreneur.

But sometimes, because of their line of work, people would think that it is bad and would judge them for doing bad things but we cannot really know what is truly happening and what they are doing with their lives. Apparently, in the documentary people were shocked after they heard about the actress' life story.

During her childhood the actress shared that her family moved a lot because of the nature of business that her father have, she moved 15 times, and didn't make friends with people. She needs cope up with the changes and in that way she became a "geeky nerd" with no friends.

She was bullied by many of her peers and people around her didn't seem to like her. When she entered the entertainment industry that's where her life was changed. From a bullied geeky nerd, she turned into this beautiful and stunning actress which everyone loved.

She gained confidence in her work and she loved what she is doing. She said in the documentary that her career enabled her to understand who she is and she really love doing these things. The confidence she gained in her career made her the way she is now and have pushed her to venture out on new things, such doing business and as well as Vlogging.

The actress concluded the interview that they are not just tools for the entertainment that everyone was thinking about but they are real people with emotions, dreams, and happiness. She would like the people to know that the anyone can be successful if they are confident with themselves.

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