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Lolit Solis Reveals Wedding Details Of Ellen Adarna And John Lloyd Cruz In Cebu.

Lolit Solis Reveals Wedding Details Of Ellen Adarna And John Lloyd Cruz In Cebu.

Many celebrities tend to be really private about their lives because we all know that if you are really popular, everybody's eyes are on you. It is either they are admiring you or just there to follow up with you and hate you. That is why many celebrities are really private about themselves and often keep their relationships discreet to the public eye. But sometimes we see people's updates on them and as fans and supporters we couldn't help but be happy for those updates and wish our favorite celebrities well.

Especially, when it comes to updates about their relationships. Yes, we are always excited when we hear our favorite celebrities being happy and in love with the person, they are with. It's like an accomplishment to us when celebrities fall in love and tie the knot to the person they are destined with. Just like what recently happened with the sensational couple, Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz. People are quite surprised after hearing the news of their wedding. People are now making a buzz about it and they are now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel featured the couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna. We all know that the actor John Lloyd Cruz is really famous all over the country after participating and creating a lot of successful movie in the past.

He did quite well during his career and he made a good reputation in the showbiz industry. Because of her amazing skills and good looks, people are always looking up to him and admiring everything that he does.

Likewise with the actress and model, Ellen Adarna, she has built a huge fan base and many people are following her on social media because of her talents, dazzling beauty, and amazing body physique. Many fans always admired her to the point that some of the things she does are always been copied by many young people. 

But now the sensational couple has been making a buzz after a showbiz columnist named Lolit Solis revealed the details of their wedding. People are quite surprised and it immediately gained the attention of many on social media.

According to the showbiz columnist, she heard that John Lloyd is preparing for the wedding and has contacted a local caterer and florist in Cebu. The wedding will be around the last week of January or at the 1st week of February. 

The news about this spread like wildfire on social media. Many people are happy for the couple and were now giving their wishes for John Lloyd and Ellen. They are so fascinated by the fact that the relationship of John Lloyd and Ellen ended up in marriage.

People are now giving their positive and negative sentiments about it and it went massively viral all over social media. Indeed, the couple's love for each other is immense that they need to do it in private and intimate for family and friends. Fans are all excited for this because it is indeed a great love story.

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