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Ellen Adarna’s Growing “Baby Bump” Spotted At The Airport.

A photo of Ellen Adarna together with her rumored boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz was gaining attention on social media because of the growing baby bump of Ellen. The pregnancy rumors of the Kapamilya actress Ellen Adarna has been all over the news ever since she confirmed her relationship with John Loyd Cruz.

Based on sources, the actress has reportedly revealed, that she is having a baby, to some of her closest friends. She even shared and explained that her pregnancy is quite sensitive, and it's the reason why their vacation in Europe was cut short and returned to the country immediately.

The two were spotted while they were at the airport. Ellen Adarna was wearing a black and loose shirt. People saw her belly was growing and speculated that it was a baby bump.
Here are some netizen’s comments regarding Ellen’s baby bump.

Her pregnancy is also the reason behind her absence in the grand fashion show during this year’s anniversary of Bench, a famous local brand in terms of clothing and other lifestyle products. It is accordingly due to the contracts signed by Ellen to which the contracts includes endorsements and morality clauses such as not being pregnant. But then, this issue was just a rumor yet.

One of the journalists even wrote, “Hindi raw sinasagot ng manager ni Ellen ang mga text message ng mga reporter na gustong malaman ang the truth and nothing but the truth kaya lalong nagkaroon ng mga pagdududa na on the family way ang star.” She also added how unpredictable life is just like what happened to Ellen and John Lloyd considering they were just in the same circle.

They might have gone through different partners, who would have thought that what they were just looking for a better half is what they have found with each other. After months of speculations, reliable sources are sounding off that Ellen Adarna is indeed carrying the child of John Lloyd Cruz. While abroad, the couple found out that Adarna was pregnant, and the doctor said that her pregnancy was very delicate. Thus, they had to cut short their trip and come home.

It can be remembered on one of her interviews, Ellen told that she’s desiring to have a baby with someone who is highly intellectual. However, when that time comes, it would be more okay with her to raise the baby all by herself and not having any commitment to the father.

According to sources, Ellen Adarna is making a huge announcement this January. We just have to wait for her confession this January! A lot of people are excited about her big news. If it is about the baby, we still don’t know. It’s already January just have to wait for a couple of days for this one.

People are trying to stay updated on the rumors about Ellen Adarna’s pregnancy even though the couple hasn’t confirmed anything yet. If the rumors about Ellen’s pregnancy were true, her baby bump is now more visible.

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Source: Instagram | ABS-CBN


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