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Erich Gonzales Reveals That There Is A Special Someone In Her Life.

Erich Gonzales admits she is happy right now. 

It is sometimes argued that we don’t have any control over how happy we are. Some people are just born happy, while others are not. Even if our happiness changes a little in response to the trials and tribulations of life, we always go back to our natural "set point" of happiness. To understand why it is important to first understand what exactly happiness is. Many people talk about happiness without defining what happiness is in the first place, but actually, to become happier we must first know what exactly we're aiming at. To some researchers, happiness is simply a thought or general sense of how well life is going. It is common to ask people how satisfied they are with their lives overall to obtain an indication of their happiness. It is quite difficult, however, to change this part of happiness—that is, how you think. Try not to think about a white bear and you probably will, and will do so even more frequently than if they hadn’t been asked not to in the first place.

Even so, thoughts about how well we think our life is going can be permanently altered by major life events such as work or love life. As we continue our lives, we are thinking of ways on how to utilize our time or even how we can become productive. More are happy that they can finally follow all of the celebrities in the country. But most of the time, things are going interesting when some famous personality revealed their love life to the public. People are going crazy about it and even they free their time just to keep updated for it. Today, a video of Erich Gonzales was uploaded and went viral on social media. People are talking about on it and now becomes one of the trending topics in the news.

A new video has been uploaded and the footage shows that Erich Gonzales admits in an interview with Boy Abunda in ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ that someone has finally made her heart happy. Recently, the video grabs the attention of people and it became viral because they are all surprised that Erich Gonzales has finally admitted to Tito Boy Abunda that someone is making her heart happy every day.

In the video, Tito Boy Abunda ask questions to Julia Barreto and Erich Gonzales as an entertaining part of the show. Eventually, its Erich Gonzales turn and Tito Boy Abunda asked her if someone is making her happy as of the moment. Erich Gonzales entertains that one and she said that there is someone out there but Erich Gonzales said that she must focus first on her life and let that guy wait if he can.

Now, people are giving their thoughts and comments on Erich Gonzales. Some fans are happy that finally after her painful breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Erich Gonzales is finally happy to some guy that is willing to love her. Others are still thinking if who is that lucky guy that's want to enter in Erich Gonzales life.

People are talking about it. Many are giving their comments, sentiments, and speculation on the video. Many want to know more about the latest update on the upcoming projects of Erich Gonzales. The story is now viral on the social media. People are happy for Erich Gonzales and them can't  wait to see the guy who makes the heart of their idol happy every day.

Defining happiness as experiences gives us much more control over our happiness than if it were defined as evaluations. Our experiences are affected by the immediate context of our life—the activities we do, the people we spend time with, and what we pay attention to moment-to-moment. 

Our experiences are far less affected by big-picture characteristics, such as whether or not we have our dream job or house. We can change what we do in the moments of our lives, even if it is difficult to change major aspects of our lives and how we think.

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Once we know what makes us happy on a moment-to-moment basis, we can then reorganize our lives in ways that make it easier to do the activities we like, as well as to spend time with the people who make us happy. We can move away from chasing things that only improve our snapshot thoughts and evaluations about how well our lives are going, and focus more directly on improving how we actually feel. This is Happiness by Design.

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