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Expecting Mom And Her Husband Was Stunned When They Found Out That They’re Having Triplet Girls!

How would you react when you were told that you’re not having a single baby but rather triplet girls? The best-kept secret of our generation? How great it is to have a baby. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons why women of our generation have left it later to have babies (and the trend continues - the average age for first-time mothers is approaching 30). Having a baby is one of the biggest joys of life, one that is beyond words. A healthy and happy baby is the joy of any parent. Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, the fun and happiness of having a little one cannot be matched with anything else.

Angie and her husband were ecstatic when they found out that after quite some time, they’d be having their third baby and this time it will be a girl. Angie and Gino who are already parents to their young boys loved the idea of having a little girl in the house, but then, they never expected to have triplet girls!
Having a newborn, even one baby is not a small event. It is a major occurrence and a life-changing one that will continue to affect you and your family. When you are expecting three, you need to think in threes.

But then, the couple was surprised when the doctors told them that they’re not just having one baby girl, but rather triplets girl! Obviously, the news shocked them all. If you are expecting multiple births, the best you can do is to prepare for them as best as you can. There will be an impact on your abilities as your pregnancy delivery date draws near. Carrying one child in the womb can be an exhausting experience for some women. Hence, being ready to give birth to three babies at the same time is certainly no joke.

Women who are pregnant with multiples need even more rest and care. This does not mean that the care and support needed for women who are pregnant with triplets is three time the care needed for a woman who is having only one baby. However, you can imagine the added load that pregnancies involving multiple births can present.

We all know for a fact that the more life adds to your pregnancy, the more risks you’d face when you give birth. Doctors believe that every time a life is being added in your womb, the risk of possible complications also increase.

While Daniella is the fraternal triplet, Camilla and Anabella are identical and are sharing one placenta. The doctors then warned the couple that one of Camilla and Anabella was at risk of not growing properly.

The doctors also warned them that their triplet girls were also at risk of having underdeveloped lungs, brain bleeds, and conditions. However, as the weeks passed, doctors realized that Baby B was getting too little liquid while baby C was getting too much.

At the 27th week of her pregnancy, Angie moved into the hospital so she could be monitored. “Anything could happen between now and my due date,” Angie said from her hospital bed. In the video attached below, Angie showed the most priceless reaction when she saw her triplet girls! It will surely give you chills.

Not better. Not worse. Just different. Having three infants is logistically cumbersome. Daily, we have to solve problems that others never needed to consider. What car seats are slim enough to fit three across? Can a triple stroller fit in the back of the car or through a doorway or on an elevator? How do you give bottles to all three when they are hungry at the same time? How will we evacuate the house if there’s a fire? Will the doctor allow us to bring three children at the same time? What is the parent-child ratio in this mommy-and-me class? Does this restaurant have three high chairs? These issues are exactly the ones that can make our family seem so un-relatable. Ultimately, we all begin problem-solving the moment we arrive home with a newborn; we just have some different problems to solve.

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