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Fan Claims That Actor Daniel Padilla Asked For Her Name And Number And Even Gave Her A Hug.

KathNiel Fans React To A Woman Who Did A "Super Fangirling" With Daniel Padilla On Twitter.

Love teams are a huge part of the showbiz industry. Yes, because they are now a craze all over and many young people are always following them. We can see them all over social media. Sometimes we can see a lot of people who are die-hard fans of the love teams. They were all becoming crazy over the posts, videos, and updates about their favorite love teams. One post can literally blow their minds and they were always gaga over the sweetness, the skills, and the beauty of these young actors. Who doesn't? They are young, beautiful, and the most talked about in the country and as a fan, we always dream of being with them or become like them.

This is common to many people, whether it was a secret or as well as blunt out on social media, people always have a liking for the famous stars in the country. But have you ever heard of a person who went totally crazy after encountering her experience with her favorite star? Yes, there are some who have been totally gaga when it comes to meeting their idols. But this girl is different after meeting her favorite actor on the love team called KathNiel. Apparently, she met the actor Daniel Padilla and she is now going viral after the whole fandom of KathNiel saw her series of posts on Twitter. Many people are talking about it and she's been making a buzz all over cyberspace.

A Twitter story is now going viral all over social media after a website called Fashion Pulis featured the actor Daniel Padilla and one of his fans. We all know that the actor is really famous all over the country and a lot of people were seriously following and admiring him all over cyberspace.

He did quite well on a lot of projects and advertisements together with his love team partner Kathryn Bernardo in the love team called KathNiel. With these in mind, we can say that together the love tandem has built a huge following all over the country whether online or in real life.

But because of the huge following that they had, we cannot blame if the love team becomes private when it comes to their personal lives. They always keep their lives discreet but still, fans can still find them outside. And when a die-hard fan encounters them, they can go crazy on social media and expose all of the things that had happened between them.

Now, a social media user named Chariss Jedidiah brought a story of her encounter with the superstar actor Daniel Padilla. She started with a series of tweets and told everyone how she was a fan of Daniel Padilla since she was a kid. She told everything that had happened and her friends are all happy for her.

But fans of KathNiel were totally on the opposite side. Now, people are talking about her and it gained the attention of many on social media. Some people are told her that she is really pretty and Daniel is single and they look really good together. This has to lead the fans of KathNiel to be irritated to the fangirl.

Many fans and supporters are now giving their reactions and sentiments about the encounter. People are all saying that she is feeling too close, while some are defending the Chariss Jedidiah and have said that she has the right to love and show his support to the actor because she is a fan.

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The story went massive on social media and they are now giving their comments regarding the fan, Daniel, and as well as on the love team KathNiel. Later on, the story was shared by different social media pages, channels, and websites.

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