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Fat Girl Who Lose Weight Gets Mocked Because Of Her Legs But Her Response Silenced Everyone.

Fat Girl Who Lose Weight Gets Mocked Because Of Her Legs But Her Response Silenced Everyone.

Staying healthy and getting back in shape is really a tough challenge. It is a commitment to yourself and a strict discipline when it comes to your body. Many of us could relate that it takes a lot of discipline and courage to change your body because it is not just a one-time thing but a change of lifestyle. That is why whenever we see people who are doing their best to workout and lose weight, we are often amazed by them. We admire them because of all the work that they put in for the goal that they are trying to achieve.

But not everyone is not on the same page and some people are seeing the result and not the hard work of a person. Apparently, when you lose so much weight, marks from your old body will be seen on your skin. This is true to many people, because of the sudden change in lifestyle and in the body there are times that the skin couldn't adjust and often times it is not pleasing to the eye. Though they are giving their all, some others are discouraging them and saying bad things about those effects on the skin.

Just like what recently happened with this woman who committed herself to losing weight. The woman's name is Jacqueline Adan and in the past, she weighed more than 500 pounds and some time ago she decided to lose weight. She changed all of her eating habits, exercised a lot and after many months she lost 350 pounds. She was indeed successful with her workout plan and she loses a lot of weight. She looks incredibly healthy and as well as happy but the effect on her skin is drastic because of the sudden change she did.

Apparently, her legs looked huge because of the excess skin she's been carrying for a long time and when she took pictures of herself, the photos immediately went viral. People started mocking her and saying mean things to her.

But there are many people who affirmed her courage and tenacity in achieving the goal she had dreamed of. People were surprised by the story she told when the first time she wore a swimwear without covering her skin.

People around her in the swimming pool started laughing and mocking her and she was bothered because she was ashamed of flaunting her loose skin. After taking deep breaths, she said to herself that she was not the same girl anymore, yes, she may have loose skin but she won't let those comments bothered her because she already changed.

The story went massive on social media and people are now talking about her. They are now showering her with words of affirmation and encouragements and many are defending her because she really did a great job.

People are now giving their sentiments on the matter and apparently many people are inspired after hearing her story. She is indeed one of those people who are really committed to their bodies and has proven to the world that it is anything is possible to achieve when you started working on it.

Adan's story went so massive that many social media pages, channels, and websites shared her inspiring journey.

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