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"From Going Bulilit Child Star To La Luna Sangre Actress" This Is Kristel Fulgar's Amazing Transformation.

"From Going Bulilit Child Star To La Luna Sangre Actress" This Is Kristel Fulgar's Amazing Transformation.

Do you remember the child star in Going Bulilit, Kristel Fulgar? The actress' transformation shows that she is really a beauty. Child celebrities are often a craze on TV and in social media. Yes, most of us are always fascinated by these adorable kids and it brings joy and happiness whenever we see them enjoy and have fun. From hosting different child celebrity shows to sidekicks in superhero movies, these child celebrities dominate the showbiz industry and it is not fun and complete when they are not present. We cannot explain why but child celebrities are often the glue in movies and TV shows. 

This is why we are following a lot of child celebrities since then. But have you ever wonder how these children grow? Yeah, many of us are curious because as we all know that there are big artists now in the showbiz industry who started as child actors. Many of could probably relate to that feeling too and we are all curious of such things and we look for old pictures and throwback photos of our favorite and wonder how they look before and compare it to now. Just like what recently happened to the phenomenal TV star, Kristel Fulgar. She's been the talk of the town ever since people saw a video of her amazing transformation.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Pinoy New Channel" featured the phenomenal actress Kristel Fulgar. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country because of her skills, charm, and beauty.

She is doing quite well in her career now and she has been in many successful projects and advertisement in the industry. With all these in mind, many people have been admiring and following her on social media. They couldn't wait for more updates to get to know the actress even more.

But when it comes to knowing your favorite celebrities better, fans and supporters tend to research about them and go through the many pictures that were posted in their social media accounts. That is why fans are all excited after they see this video posted online.

In the video, you will see series of throwback photos of the actress when she was young and so cute. She is one of the stars in the TV show called "Going Bulilit" and now she is one of the supporting actresses in the series called "La Luna Sangre". 

One by one the slideshow continues and shows how she transforms into the person that she is today. It immediately gained the attention of many on social media for many are curious of how Kristel Fulgar looks like in the past.

People are now talking about her and the video went massive on social media. They are now saying that Kristel is indeed beautiful back then and now after so many years she is so stunning and has taken the showbiz industry by storm with her beauty.

The video went massively viral all over social media and many social media pages, channels, and websites shared the video.

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Source: Instagram | ABS-CBN


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