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Vice Ganda Went Gaga On What Gerald Anderson Did During Its Showtime's Game Punishment.

Vice Ganda Went Gaga On What Gerald Anderson Did During Its Showtime's Game Punishment.

Superstar celebrities are always the good looks, style, and fashion trends. Yes, people are always on watch on them and they are always into the latest updates about them. With the help of social media, people can easily follow them and get to know their favorite celebrities even more. This is one way for a person to become a huge fan of a certain celebrity but the one thing that a person can become a fan of is because they are attracted to them with their good looks. 

There are times that these celebrities become so famous that they become heartthrobs in the country. This is also applicable to celebrities, heartthrobs become their crushes and they are the topic of social media whenever a celebrity is seen having a crush on someone. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal heartthrob, Gerald Anderson. He's been making a buzz all over social media people and they are now going crazy about it all over social media. 

A video is now going viral all over social media after a Facebook page named "ABS-CBN" featured the superstar heartthrob Gerald Anderson and the phenomenal TV Host Vice Ganda. We all know that Gerald Anderson has been one of the prominent actors in the showbiz industry and he's known as one of the heartthrobs in the country.

Likewise, Vice Ganda has been looked up to by many people in the country because of his astounding hosting skills and amazing comedy. With all these in mind, people are following them and they want to receive updates about them on social media.

Recently, the actor Gerald Anderson has been making a buzz on social media after people saw that he receives punishment because of losing in the game in Its Showtime. The punishment that is given to him is that he needs to do push-ups while reading the spiels on the screen.

While preparing for the punishment, Vice Ganda enters the scene and represented himself to hold the mic under Gerald Anderson. The actor agrees and the crowd went wild as Gerald Anderson is one of the heartthrobs in the country.

Gerald went on the pushups and people noticed that Vice Ganda felt "kilig" because Gerald Anderson is so handsome. Yeah, Gerald is really in the zone in doing the punishment as the crowd went crazy about him.

After the punishment, Vice Ganda gave his comments about Gerald Anderson and he said to the crowd that Gerald is really handsome and his breath is like paradise. People were immediately caught on the video because they were surprised of what happened.

The video immediately went viral on social media and people are now giving their thoughts on the matter. They were all saying that Vice Ganda is really cute and they were also lauding the actor Gerald for doing the fun punishment in front of the whole crowd. People are now excited about the upcoming projects of Gerald Anderson and they couldn't wait for more updates about them.

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Source: Facebook | ABS-CBN


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