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Grab Passengers Were Surprised After Discovering The Woman Behind The Wheel.

Isabelle Diaz Daza-Semblat is a Filipino actress, television host, and model. She is the daughter of Miss Universe 1969 titleholder, Gloria Diaz. Fondly called 'Belle', she was a member of GMA 7's roster of young talents and was introduced to the mass media entertainment audiences during a dance number on the noontime show Party Pilipinas on April 17, 2011. On November 24, 2014, she transferred to ABS-CBN and signed a two-year exclusive contract with them.

Classy, stylish, beautiful, and extremely popular. This is an It Girl in a nutshell–and it’s exactly what Isabelle Daza is. With her prominent family background topped with her voguish cast, it’s not surprising to know that the Kapamilya actress has automatically achieved celebrity status. If you spend time on social media, you’d get why millions of followers are on the lookout for the beauty queen’s daughter: she’s a force to reckon with.

With that said, it’s not every day that we get to hear of an It Girl sharing the same experience with the commoners. These types of women are typically born rich. So when netizens learned that Isabelle, while pregnant, dared to ride a Grab car not as a passenger but as a driver, many were in awe and expressed their appreciation. The actress did the challenge for her “In Real Life” Facebook series, wherein she took the place of a TNVS (Transportation Vehicle Network Service) driver, a certain Kuya Domingo, to be of service for a day.

The 3-minute video started with Kuya Domingo giving away the secret to getting a five-star rating: “Babatiin mo kaagad sila. ‘Hi, Ma’am! Good morning!” He also taught the basics to Isabelle, who was quite concerned of the manual transmission, as she was not used to it. But, this didn’t deter the It Girl to hit the road and get to her first passenger.

As she was on her way to the first location, Isabelle, who’s still getting the hang of the manual car, was struggling and stressing out as the vehicle died a few times. She was even called by the rider as she seemed to be late, but, as per the celebrity’s words: “Thank God, she’s super nice.” As expected, the first passenger was stunned to see that her driver is the It Girl. “What is going on?! Oh, my God. Can I take a picture? Selfie! Wooh! I’m so lucky.”

Throughout the ride, the Kapamilya star seemed to be relieved of stress as she was having a friendly chat with the passenger. When they finally arrived at the destination, the rider took a selfie with the beauty queen’s daughter, with the latter kind enough to hold the camera for them.

For her next passenger, the reaction she got was showed the same enthusiasm. After she introduced herself to the rider, the man exclaimed: “Isabelle Daza?! No, no. No way! My gosh!” What would you expect? Of course, the man also wanted to take a pic with the social media star. Like the first passenger, the one-day driver also had a conversation with the rider.

After taking a photo with the man, Isabelle decided to call it a day at 6 PM, since she didn’t want to be caught in the rush hour.  Her verdict: “I’m just so happy that this turned out great because of my two passengers, they’re pleasant to be with.”

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Before she ended the clip, the actress has resolved on the one thing she learned from the challenge: “Now, I’m definitely gonna be nicer to drivers.” Hats off to the It Girl for surviving the task, considering that she’s pregnant! But even more so to the real heroes, the TNVS drivers, who have to go through the seemingly stressful, exhausting job every day. You have our respect!

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What can you tell about Isabelle Daza riding a Grab taxi, not as a rider but a driver? Would you have reacted the same to her lucky passengers? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and reactions by leaving a comment below!

Source: ABS-CBN | Instagram


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