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Inah De Belen Shows Off Her Fit Body With Her Instagram Pics In Her Recent Trip To La Union.

Inah De Belen Shows Off Her Fit Body With Her Instagram Pics In Her Recent Trip To La Union.

When it’s still cold and frosty outside, it’s good to remember the summer months are only about 8 weeks away. From picnics in the park to that all-important beach holiday, summer brings with it a host of al-fresco events that you’ll want to look and feel your best for.

We’re still two months away from April, which means that we have ample time to hit the gym and get that beach-ready body. But for Inah de Belen, anytime is as good as any to have the time of your life in a tropical getaway. To give you proof, check out her recent trip to La Union where she got all fit and splashy.

If you’re not following this woman on Instagram, you should totally check her out immediately. This Kapuso actress has the beach fix you need on your timeline, not to mention her recent swimwear snapshots! Our most favorite shot from her trip would be Inah giving her sweet smile while simultaneously looking hot as fire in a plain two-piece swimsuit. Her backdrop: the picturesque waves of San Juan! Can it get any more perfect?

Another would be her basking in the sun all the while being perfectly daring herself. Clad in a matching, hot fuchsia-themed swimwear, Inah was breathing in the beauty of the sun-soaked paradise. Before braving the surf, John Estrada and Janice de Belen’s daughter posed for the camera and showed everyone that it is possible to be fit. You only need dedication and hard work.

Just sitting on the rocks by the shore, Inah effortlessly looked as one with the scenic beach view. However, this wasn’t the first time that this stunner slew a swimsuit. Last year, Inah also took social media by storm after her curved body photo taken in Samal, Davao. There, she sported a matching, mustard-themed two-piece swimsuit which bared her curves, particularly her abs.

A netizen even took note of her small waist seemingly resembling that of a Victoria Secret model. And with her hard work in the gym, it’s only fair to say that she’s earned it! When not busy with tapings, Inah spends her time working out alongside her sister, the equally beautiful Kaila Estrada. The actress enjoys doing HIIT and Pilates.

Summer bodies are made in winter, so now is the perfect time to kick-start your 8-week plan. The hottest fitness craze of the moment is HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as it burns around 40 percent more calories than running or riding a bike, and takes half the time.

This training technique means that you give a hundred percent of your effort for 30 seconds of intense exercise, and then rest for around 45 seconds.

You then repeat this process for around 15 to 30 minutes, ensuring you’re working as hard as you can – this keeps the heart rate high and allows the body to burn fat quicker. Keep your workouts interesting with a mixture of burpees, mountain climbers, running on the spot and skipping. You’ll be super fit and trim in no time.

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So, if you’re looking for new #fitspiration, Inah might be just the one! What do you think of Inah de Belen’s sexy and splashy snapshots in her recent La Union getaway? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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