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Inside Edition Exposed The Hotels That Don’t Change Their Bed Sheets!

Every time you check in to different hotels, are you asking yourself if they are changing the dirty bed sheets that the previous customer used? Do they really change bed sheets or are they just pretending that they are changing it? When you check into a hotel, it seems fair to expect freshly-laundered sheets on the bed. But new evidence suggests those fluffy puffs of heaven may not be as clean as you believe.

Reporters from “Inside Edition” checked into a Residence Inn in New York City. They spray the bed sheets with invisible paint before checking out, then check in again the next day under a new name. When they scan the bed, the paint is still there. The sheets haven’t been washed. The hotel’s manager characterizes the incident as an unusual error since this shouldn’t be the norm at any hotel, as one housekeeping honcho told us. “With all the different viruses and diseases society is faced with, we’d absolutely never [leave sheets unwashed between visitors],” Madeline Chang, director of housekeeping at Hawaii’s Aston Waikiki Sunset.

Other staff washes a guest’s sheets every other day during their stay to conserve water, and that’s a fairly common practice. It’s also well-known that some hotels will leave the same duvet cover on a bed for months without washing it. But neglecting to clean sheets between guests is a whole new ― and very icky ― prospect. Inside Edition also tested other hotels: Out of the nine properties they checked, three left dirty sheets on the bed between guests. Yikes. A lot of people got shocked because when the Inside Edition decided to conduct an investigation to find out if hotels and even the most popular hotels in town are changing their bed sheets between guests they found something disgusting!

To give you a more detailed story, they went to Residence Inn by Marriott in New York City, the Inside Edition sought help from washable fluorescent paint spray. They sprayed the words “I slept here” on the top and bottom of the bed sheets, in hopes of finding out if they are changing bed sheets.

With your naked eye, the paint isn’t visible. It can only be seen when a UV light shines on the bed sheets. The agents who tried to conduct the investigation, checked out of the hotels, leaving the bed as if it was used. The following night, they booked the same room under a different name to find out if the staff changed bed sheets.

Surprisingly, when the UV light shines through the bed, the words “I slept here” were still there and weren’t even removed. “This is absolutely disgusting,” said Inside Edition’s Ann Mercogliano.

A manager was then called but then, it appears that the manager doesn’t want to talk about it. “Why weren’t those sheets changed?” Mercogliano asked her. “We make it a custom to change every checked out room sheet,” she responded.

“However I do not know what happened in this situation.”
Later on, the Marriott Corporation has decided to apologize, saying that they are taking such issues seriously. Because of what had happened, they are now inspecting the rooms to make sure that such thing won’t ever happen again.

The Inside edition didn’t just check on a single hotel, there were nine other hotels and to their surprise, these hotels are doing the same thing with their bed sheets.

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