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Introducing Kayla Aan, The Equally Gorgeous Sister Of Andrea Brillantes.

Sisters can make the best friends or the best foes (depending on the day and the fight). Whether you’re hanging out or freaking out, having a sister to do it with makes it all the more fun. To celebrate National Sibling Day, we’d like to give you Andres Brillantes’ best friend and the love of her life — her sister, Kayla. Anyone who has a sister knows that life dealt you a pretty good hand when she gave you a built-in partner in crime.

Since she has played in a debut role for the drama series “Annaliza”, Andrea Brillantes (real name: Andrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza) has matured–and such shows on her gorgeous looks. At a young age of 14 (yes, she’s only 14 years old!), the celebrity has wowed many netizens with her undeniable beauty. From her on-fleek eyebrows, eyes that speak, porcelain skin and irresistible smile, four of her best assets, it isn’t hard to know that the then-child star is graced with good genetics.

But did you know that it isn’t only Andrea that’s been blessed with such beauty in her family? The “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin” star has a sister that could pass off as her twin with their equally good-looking features.

Thus, we would like you to meet Kayla Aan, the attractive sister of Andrea. Although she has never attempted to enter showbiz, the sibling has still made rounds in the media as netizens discovered her from Andrea. As seen in the photos, Kayla looks just like her pretty sibling, from her eyebrows down to her lips. She also has a smart fashion sense similar to the stylish Andrea!

Her Instagram account doesn’t reveal much of the sister, but it explains why she has intrigued people from the Internet world. For one, her timeline is much more genuine compared to the perfectly-curated feed of the young star. What should be a series of aesthetic photos are raw takes from her everyday life, giving us a real insight into her life as well as Andrea’s.

However, we can conclude one thing from the account: Kayla is super close to her younger sister! The sibling often posts photos of her with Andrea, and according to their silly videos on the feed, the two evidently go along with each other.

It is clear that beauty runs in Andrea’s family, and we can only hope that we’d get to have two Brillantes/Gorostiza in the showbiz one day!

A sister is a built-in best friend. Not only do you have a sister, you have a friend for life. No need to worry about who will be your maid of honor at anyone’s wedding or who will be your first child’s godmother; life has thankfully already built that special person into my life, and it’s my little sister.

A post shared by Andrea Brillantes (@blythe) on

A post shared by Andrea Brillantes (@blythe) on

She can be an ally, for life. Whether you’re standing up against your mom telling both of you, your dresses are too short or lamenting a sticky situation no matter the topic, I know Jamie will always have my back and take my side. It’s us against the world.

What are your thoughts on Andrea Brillantes’ equally good-looking sister, Kayla Aan? Do you love the twinning looks of the siblings? How about on the seemingly close relationship of the two? Don’t forget to comment on what you think and feel about this story!


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